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286990 Digital DJing Completion

Hi I posted this project before but I felt I was not specific enough in my requirements. I now have a bit more time to manage this project. Therefore I would like to repost this:

Dear Programmers.

I have been working on the website [url removed, login to view] . So far quite a lot of it is done but there is still work that needs to be tidied up and completed.

I need someone that is very capable of working in Joomla and who is happy to make many small changes and updates. I also need someone who has a level of graphics design knowledge to create a few images for different sections.

If you have a look at the site you will see that it looks messy so it needs to be tidied (i have a provisional list of things that need doing).

These are some of the things that need to be done to start:

General/sitewide changes:

1. Upgrade site to latest version of Joomla! It is currently in the old version. You may need to re-edit the template images as I do not have the originals.

2. All the images are labeled with virtualdjing.com. This needs to be removed.

3. Colours for google adwords need to be changed to fit the site design.

4. The middle bar with ‘whats new here' needs to change depending on what page people are on… On the front page I would like it to say ‘Read all about it!' (I think you will need a .php script for this)

5. The bar on the left rather then have dj. News please put the latest and then just have a section called software, hardware, accessories without the need for the word latest in front of them.

6. The *stars* in the rating system need to be better looking (more in theme with the site).

7. Make Search engine friendly urls

8. Search Engine optimisation (adding meta tags), this will be done at the end of the project

9. Data needs to be inputted into the areas that I have listed below.

Top part (panel) of site:

1. Top image - I have a new logo that needs to be put up, so some work will need to be done to make sure it fits in well.

2. Also I would like to squeeze the page up a bit by shortening the height of the top part (i.e. where the dropdown menu's are this could be shrunk and also the box overall can be shrunk.

Side Nav menu's (i.e. dj. navigation + dj news)

1. make side bars thinner (less width)

2. Design a better way to display the links to each area (I do not like the way it is seperated by a line), also when the links are clicked on I like how you can see where you are, but it needs to be displayed better

3. Create equal spacing in latest posts text area.

4. create equal spacing in login form ( tidy this up so that it looks neater, things need to be alligned better, maybe smaller font?)

5. The background colours need to be worked on so that they blend better with the site.

6. On the right hand side I want the latest hardware/software/accessories to be a lot more compact.

7. On the left the google adwords should be above the ‘who's online'

8. The search box in the bottom right needs to look much better with an image created/added that says search

Many of the sections are the same, i.e. Software + Hardware + DJ Accessories, the following changes need to be made globally to each section:

When you hover over the drop-down menu and go to the manufacturer and then select the product, I want it to link directly to the product page and not the display page. I.e. (It needs to link to [url removed, login to view];amp;amp;amp;task=show_content&contentid=23&catid=22&directory=4&Itemid=0 instead of [url removed, login to view];amp;amp;amp;task=show_category&catid=12&order=0&directory=4&Itemid=0

Example Section (When you click on link top rated)

[url removed, login to view];amp;amp;amp;task=show_all&directory=4&Itemid=0

1. ALL CONTENTS at the top needs to be replaced by Top Rated Software in the red bar

2. The ' New Content | All Contents | My Profile | My Contents | Rules ' can be removed.

3. The Content needs to be sorted by rating and not hits.

4. The Yellow headers for the content need to be a better colour

5. The date needs to be removed.

6. Remove ‘Results 1 - 12 of 12'

7. I want to be able to see more/all products on the page before the 'fold'

Example Section:

[url removed, login to view];amp;amp;amp;directory=4&Itemid=0

1. There is the word Contents in blue at the top. The page should be called Software Producers, Hardware Manufacturers or DJ Accessories in the red bar

2. I want to be able to see more/all products on the page before the 'fold'

3. There is no root menu at the top (i.e. Home > Sofware)

Example section: the manufacturer's product list page, i.e: [url removed, login to view];amp;amp;amp;task=show_category&catid=7&order=0&directory=4&Itemid=0

1. The company logo needs to be bigger

2. Remove ‘New Content | All Contents | My Profile | My Contents | Rules ‘

3. Remove the date

4. The colour of the titles need to change from yellow and also when hovered over.

5. The directory listing are incorrect, it should not say ‘Directory Ableton Ableton Suite . It should say Software > Ableton > etc (and the same for each section independently).

Example section: product/software pages: i.e: [url removed, login to view];amp;amp;amp;task=show_content&contentid=23&catid=22&directory=4&Itemid=0

1. Fix the directory listing: it needs to be software > ableton > Avleton Live 7 and not Directory Ableton Ableton Live 7

2. The title needs to change to a better colour

3. The Top box needs to be formatted better (better rating star pictures, the title, the email to a friend box, etc)

4. I have some sample data to input into a section so I will need help formatting this section. It will need to have a couple of tabs. On tab will have an in-house review, second tab will have youtube videos related to the product.

5. At the bottom the google adsense needs to go across sideways and not downwards


Under the hardware tab I need to re-organise the list add/remove products so that it reflects what

I have in this list, also I will provide images for anything that needs to be added – It needs to also be listed in alphabetical order:

New Hardware Manufacturer (Top menu)

Allen & Heath

Hardware Products:

Allen & Heath





B-Control Dejay BCD2000

B-Control Dejay BCD3000

Tweakalizer DFX69

Digital Pro Mixer DDM4000

Pro Mixer VMX1000




Evo 5



DJ Control Rmx

DJ Control Steel

DJ Console Mk2

Mobile DJ MP3


Express DJ



Torq Xponent

X-Session Pro



Native Instruments:

Audio Kontrol 1



Omni Control

MixMeister Control



Total Control

Virtual Vinyl 5



MEP 7000




Replace SERATO with RANE








Please list these in alphabetical order. I will provide images for whatever is missing when you add all the data as listed above. Once these are done then I will probably start off with 10- 15 that need to be inputted soon. And then the rest will be added at a later date.


Under the sofftware tab I need to re-organise the list add/remove products so that it reflects what

I have in this list, also I will provide images for anything that needs to be added – It needs to also be listed in alphabetical order:


- Cue and Express DJ


- Traktor Pro

- Traktor Scratch Pro


- Scratch and Itch


- Cue 5

Virtual DJ : Remove Virtual DJ Home

DJ Accessories

I will have it organised a bit different

On the drop down menu I want

Headphones : Remove Sony and Pioneer


Just have them listed under each other. There will be no pull out menu that goes to the right.

When you click on the category then I just want to have the products listed next to each other on one page. I will probably have 4-8 different mics, headphones, etc...


When you click on community at the top you are directed to:

[url removed, login to view];amp;amp;amp;task=view&id=12&Itemid=27

- This page needs to be sorted out with the appropriate links. I want to also have thumbnails that will be associated with each section

Remove Blog

Contact us

Will need to be edited and made to look nicer with better images.


I am not 100% happy that it is themed well enough to fit in with the site. This will need to be re-themed to look smarter


Remove ‘latest news'

Change category name to Industry news

Your Mixes

This is an area where you can go and download mixes that have been created by members.

When people upload they will upload their mix which will be stored on the site

There will be a list of all mixes available for download which people can vote on and also comment on/talk about.

Then there will be a box that people can click on that says : Add your Mix, when they click on it, they will have to login to get to a form.

The form will let them upload their mix and add compulsory details:

The fields on the form will be:

Name of Mix:

Created by:

Genre (This will be a drop down menu with a list of 20-30 styles of music)

Software used:

Hardware used:


Members area:

This area needs to be fully functioning with everything that is available on the front-end of the site.

This is a list of what I know needs to be done. I think that should get the site into a very nice state. I will need the site to be fully tested on all browsers, WC3 validated and search engine friendly.

Once all the top list is done I also will want about 2-5 hours of your time to do furthur updates if necessary.

I am very serious about getting this project completed and that is why I have given you such a detailed list of what needs to be done. Please read it all very very carefully before you bid.

If you do bid, please list your previous experience with Joomla sites. Please let me know what other projects you are doing at the moment and how much time per day you have to invest in doing this project.

I will want to do an interview through msn or skype and I will also need your contact details, by mail + phone just in case.

Happy bidding!

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