UDK Unreal 3D Menu module (Tutorial or guide). Unrealscript Canvas Scaleform Kismet


What I'm attempting to achieve in Unreal Development Kit is this:

* When we're in the UDK Content Browser and double-click on any static mesh, the Unreal Static Mesh Editor menu pops up.

* On the left side we can ROTATE and ZOOM that particular mesh to our hearts desire.


The player be able to:

* Double-click an item ingame.

* Have a MENU popup showing the mesh like in above Unreal Static Mesh Editor window.

* Be able to ROTATE and ZOOM similar to above (except, Zoom with mousewheel, and Rotation with RMB or LMB).

* Press ESC or click [x] button to exit and resume gameplay.


What I will need from you is:

1. A Step-by-Step guide to implement this into my game - with screenshots where necessary.

2. Step-by-Step implementation of any script(s), and/or Kismet, Scaleform usage.

3. It should show exact steps to enable me to flag/setup any ingame object to be interactable in above way. (ie player can double-click any debris and view it up close).

3. The guide MUST be have exact instructions (eg see example posts here with visuals: <[url removed, login to view]> ) with screencaps so I can follow it completely without errors or guesswork.

4. Any file(s) or attachments necessary for this to work.

5. The Popup MENU and its variables should be explained so I can customize its size, position, color, etc. (Unless its a imported asset - then file must be included - with instructions to custom-make my own if needed).


Basically, this is a glorified step-by-step tutorial for UDK - which is teaching me to implement this "module" into my game.

The popup menu should look similar to attached screencap (SWG menu) - with ability to show any custom TEXT on right side.


There will be more similar projects in the future if you are interested.

I dont mind usage of either Scaleform and/or Canvas, whichever you feel comfortable with.

Many thanks.

[![Image and video hosting by TinyPic][1]][2]


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