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384583 Add server to my website

First you have to be able to install these on my server:


* Perl > 5.005 ver. [[url removed, login to view]]

* LWP, DBI, DBD::mysql Perl modules

* MySQL database >= 4.1 ver. [[url removed, login to view]]

* Apache mod_rewrite module, mod_headers module (optional)

* .htaccess files enabled [[url removed, login to view]]

* GD lib, GD perl module (optional) [[url removed, login to view]]

If you don't have any Perl modules, you can install them through SSH console manually:

perl -MCPAN -e shell

install LWP

install DBI

install DBD::mysql

install GD"

Then you must be able to follow these directions:

"*** Extra File-Server Installation ***

1) Copy all files and folders from "FS-dist/cgi-bin" into FileServer cgi-bin folder.

Copy all files and folders from "FS-disr/htdocs" into FileServer htdocs (public_html) folder.

NOTE: use binary FTP mode for script files upload.

2) Chmod [url removed, login to view] to 755 and run it in browser.

It will set correct permissions for other files and put correct paths into config.

3) Login with admin account and go to "Server Management" section, click "Add new server".

Put your FS cgi-bin and files URLs there, then Main server will test & update FileServer configuration.

INFO: After installation try to open [url removed, login to view] which is in FileServer files folder in browser - it should show you error or source code.

If you see full path, then check that you've moved .htaccess to FileServer htdocs folder.

When you make sure PHP files are forbidden, delete [url removed, login to view]

Executing php/cgi scripts on your server is potential vulnerability. Disable php,pl,cgi,py,sh,shtml extensions in your Site Settings.

INFO: To force file download for direct links (Save As popup in browser) you should have mod_headers Apache module enabled on your server."

Fs-dist just inlcudes public_html and the cgi-bin, nothing to complicated.

If you cannot do it for under $30, please do not bid. The 2 people i usually have do this can do it in 5-10 minutes and only charge $20, but I will be willing to pay anything around there. Please let me know when you will be available to do this as well, sometime in the next 12-18 hours I would like this done. Thanks

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