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I need a Ruby On Rails web application built. Please see below.



Cash Accelerator is a web based application working on a calendar system to affect control of communications to recipients via email, e-fax and print. It is perceived that the app will save our Clients considerable cost on communications traditionally affected through post and telephone. Potential applications would include newsletters, product updates in addition to account status presentment to customers of our Clients, i.e. account statement presentment, late payment notices and all other communications associated with credit control collection routines.


The fulfillment of this process would be envisaged as follows:

Step 1

Our Clients will populate database initially via 3 CSV file uploads as follows:-

FILE 1 Customers of our clients, i.e. name, address, phone etc; NOTE. A facility to assign a customer to a specifi 1 of 3 groups, as in Gold, Silver or Bronze should be available, and depending on that assignment, this will determine which set of templates they will be in receipt of.

FILE 2 : DEBITS This will include a number of fields as in Debtor ID, Specific invoice content details as well as Date , Description, Nett amount, Tax amount and rate, and total due.

FILE 3 : CREDITS This file will have details of previous payments received as well as credit notes issued

Examples of these three files are attached under separate cover.

Step 2

A facility must exist whereby on the creation of a new domain for a new client that the clients branding and logo by default will appear on all such notices. It is not perceived that this will be a document management system however for the purposes of sending an invoice, copy invoices, reminders, etc; all of the information contained within will originally call the information from a DB which has been originally exported via the clients CRM or accounting software and uploaded to the CashAccelerator database. ( Ref the 3 CSV files noted earlier in this document)

Step 3

Specific to each workflow ( ie Gold, Silver or Bronze graded customers) a facility shall exist whereby for example:

Workflows by example

All customers of our clients within this pre-agreed group will automatically receive a statement of account (which has been drawn from a DB on the CA server) with 3 options available. This feature will include the facility to set the date and manner by which the initial statementices etc (templates) and reminder notices shall be presented, eg.


Statement generated from cash accelerator database to be sent by email in a HTML format including our clients branding/logo and full outstanding account summary, eg customers of our clients information, full current account history. All of this content will be drawn from the original data as uploaded initially on to the Server DB. This statement will also offer a hyperlink for customers of our clients to access their information via their own web portal showing all account and invoice details in a read only environment (which is branded in our clients logo etc). This feature will be referred to in detail later in this document.


There are 5 steps of communication between the client and the customer within a 30 day period. A routine can be set up whereby the method of presentment can be one of , or all of the following options,

email, fax or print.

For example, specific to each customer a routine can be set as follows:

Day 1 – Email presentment of statement

Day 5 (to be determined by drop down menu of days) – First Demand Template by email and/or fax and/or print letter

Day 10- Second Demand Template by email and/or fax and/or print letter

Day 14 – Third Demand Template by email and/or fax and/or print letter

Day 21 – Final Demand Template by email and/or fax and/or print letter

The manner of presentment should be available as a radio button option to choose from either one of:

E Mail – Fax- Print [Or a selection of or a combination of, eg. Email & Fax]

This page should look something like this:

First Demand

- Choose Day (drop down : 1-30 days)

- Choose Method of communication (multiple options, email, fax, print)

There will be a default setting of intervals of presentment such as:

Day 1, Day 7, Day 14, Day 21, Day 28.


There is 1 statement and 4 templates per customer which can be sent by either email, fax or print as previously noted. These templates will have a standard content with certain fields that need to be filled by information from the database such as customer name, address, outstanding amount etc. This feature will function in the same way as a mail merge in Microsoft word and similar applications.

At the bottom of these templates, there will be a footer with text and a link linking to the web portal for the customer to access their own site and check their status and account/transaction history. The templates will all be the same no matter what communication process the client is using, i.e. email/fax/print.

When choosing the method of communication, the system should accommodate for the following:_


System will send the template as a HTML/Multi part e mail in addition to the same content in a PDF attachment


System to generate a PDF file which in turn will be broadcast through an E Fax provider (iFlow). This process is done by our software connecting to an API of an e-fax company called iFlow. Our software will send the fax by sending an email with the attached PDF to the iFlow API and when the fax is sent, the iFlow API will communicate with our software and give a message saying FAX SENT SUCCESSFULLY. We will provide you with the API details. This is a simple integration.

(more on this later)


As a benefit of the system is to take all of the guesswork out of collection status for our clients, we need the system to prompt our client when it is time for a letter to be printed and sent to their customer/s. The system therefore should generate a PDF, similar to fax option BUT INSTEAD OF FAXING TO CUSTOMER THIS SHOULD BE E MAILD TO OUR CLIENT advising them by way of a standard content e mail that the ttached are to be printed and posted etc.

A template example is attached ([url removed, login to view])

The template footer should advise customers of our clients as to how they can access their own ‘micro-portal’ to look at their transaction history, account status, download copy invoice themselves etc. for example:

To access your account online please go to [url removed, login to view]

Your username is: and your password is: bigmac

So, the Coca Cola part of the domain is the clients portal, where as the McDonalds part of the domain is the customers portal.

The username will be the customers email address and the password will be randomly generated when the customer’s account is first set up on the system and the password will remain the same for the whole process. [This password is only given to the customer on the templates and not issued when the account is first set up as mentioned a few lines above.]


1. Account Setup

Setup for OUR client. Full details, contact name, number, email, address, company logo etc.

2. Debtor Status

a) Graph of Aged analysis

- bar chart graph showing status

[Current: June 2008

30+: May 2008

60+: April 2008

90+: March 2008

120+: February 2008]

Underneath Graph the following will be listed:

- View All Debtors

- View Individual Debtor [Search by name or any other details]

- View Communication Summary/History [full list with additional links]

- View Transactions Summary/History [full list with additional link

Search Facility

To allow for a quick search by name, company name, account number which will show results, then clicking on user name will show full account and an option to pause or resume communcations or to add a note, to be stored in the communications section ( public and private option)

As the system is designed to work on a calandar system, on activation of the resume option, the communications should resume at the point that they would have been at- as if the routine had not been paused.


Day seven- 1st letter is presented. Day 9 communications are paused. Day 20 communication is resumed therefore the following day the customer will be presented with template 3 on day 21 as-in template 2 has been skipped over, and so forth.

3. Account

Our clients will be expected to pre pay for their envisaged faxing costs. This will also show the faxing costs incurred to date by our client to date, which can be topped up or pre-paid online via Paypal or RealEx (Laser, Visa, Mastercard).

Under cover of a separate document, the features of the Customers portal-i.e. the recipient’s of the statements and template communications, will be explained, however this will be a limited access version of data that already resides in the server database.


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