You Develop Test Prep Solutions For Adult Licensure Test Takers

*An ideal candidate for this project is typically a licensed teacher or person

who has worked with professional level tests like grad school tests, teacher certification exams, nursing tests and/or others.

*Professionals with experience in other fields like nursing, mathematics, science, computer science who have good insights into test prep and test taking are encouraged to apply.

1.) You’re a native *US or Canadian native English writer and speaker.

2.) I need “high value” test prep and test taking solutions that are focused on the:

A.) Top 10 problems and frustrations experienced by real test takers of specific adult certification and licensing tests.

and then

B.) Provide a technique or solution to each problem.

-You may find in a specific professional exam a lot people are struggling with test anxiety, remembering algebraic formulas or just being a second career test taker who hasn't taken a major exam in 20 years. (Each test will be different.)

3.) Your content must be focused on the needs of the reader, not what we imagine their problems, fear and needs are.

4.) Your reader feels that "you/the writer" truly understands them and their problems. They can relate to each sentence you say because it is very specific to them, not vague/generic statements that could apply to multiple tests.

5.) Your writing builds confidence, trust, authority and a relationship with the reader (because you demonstrate you know them and this exam).

6.) What I'm NOT Looking For:

-Not someone to write lofty, wordy/long sentences to fill space that may be technically good, but not high value.

-Your content is not “common knowledge/common sense” statements or loosy-goosy "ideas" NOT based on research findings.

7.) You’re great at research and like it.

-Plan on about 1-2 hours of research for each blog post you write especially in the first 1-4 content pieces.

-You can find references to back-up every argument you make and dig out data from boring studies and lengthy PDFs.

-You know well-researched articles with lots of numbers, data references and real-world examples convince people to take action much more easily.

-You will share your research with me to justify the solutions to specific problems you address in your content.

8.) Type Of Writing And Style:

A.) It must have some entertainment value and not read like a textbook.

B.) You must know how to write headlines and subheadlines (mini headlines) that attract attention, raise curiosity/interest, pull reader into the content.

-I can give you an url that has "headline templates" you can borrow and adapt for your content.

If you read these project requirements write following in the first line of your response: "I read and paid attention to all these requirements this project offer."

C.) Some content will be something like the “Top 10 Most Effective Ways To Get Your Highest Score On The XYZ Test.”

D.) Most blog posts will require writing 1-5 practice test questions that will serve as samples of the real test.

9.) NOTE: I will NOT have time to redirect people who have attempted to take short-cuts and delivery hastily put together blog posts that are contrary to what these requirements clearly state.

10.) More:

-You create "scannable," super-easy to read content.

-You use a lot of high interest subheadings, short paragraphs and intelligent use of bolding and italics.

-You don’t write with walls of content because that immediately turns off readers. Not textbook style format.

-Use a lot of bullets to show info.

-You write you sentences in the simplest to understand structure at a 6th-8th grade reading level. Breakdown info to the simplest form and easiest read/understand sentences.

-You must use the same "emotionally charged" words, attitude, phrases as test takers in your content to describe problems in a way they can relate to. (I can point to where you can get this info.)

-You write in a conversational style like your talking one on one with 1 person or close friend, not like your writing or talking to a group of anonymous people.

11.) "How To Respond And Apply Instructions:" Attached -- (All others will be ignored.)

A.) Tell me why you're an excellent candidate to write online content for specific
exams. (Of course, you'd research the exams and wouldn't have to be an expert in multiple tests, but would be able to formulate valuable test prep info for test takers.)

B.) With the information you have so far, assuming you don't know about multiple exams unless you read and research about them somewhat before starting to write:

-What is your pricing estimate for each piece of high quality online content?

Minimum length not maximum length of 700. (As mentioned length of each piece has nothing to do with success of the project. It is give you some idea to measure minimum volume and some gauge for you to price it.)

How I View Pricing:
*If I had "outstanding" blog posts that stunned real test takers of a specific test(s), built a relationship with reader, trust, confidence to buy my products/services and gave them tremendous value, written in 700-2,000 tightly controlled content, it could be worth $200.00+ to me.

*Good test prep solutions in 700 or more words that follows all my requirements including research that results in accomplishing most of what I list in the previous paragraph might be worth $50-$100.

*Procedure is to complete first content piece at competitive rate in a "paid trial" to show your test prep research and solutions are 'super high value' to my demographic group(s). Then can agree on a rate based on the “quality of solutions” and “level of value” to end reader of this material after first 1-3 content pieces. (Can’t start at highest level rate and then see if you can do it. Some people are outstanding in some projects, but are not a good fit for others.)

Evner: Uddannelse & Tutoring, Matematik, Research Writing, Statistikker, Testning / QA

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