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I am looking for a power automate coder who can automate the file management process using Microsoft Office. The ideal candidate should have experience in power automate and be able to complete the project within a week.

Specific requirements for the project include:

- Automating the file management process using power automate in Microsoft Office

- Ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and software

- Setting up automated workflows for file organization, renaming, and archiving

- Implementing error handling and notification systems for any issues that may arise during the automation process

Skills and experience required:

- Proficiency in power automate and Microsoft Office

- Strong understanding of file management principles and best practices

- Ability to troubleshoot and debug any issues that may occur during the automation process

- Excellent communication skills to effectively collaborate with the client and provide regular updates on the progress of the project

If you have the necessary skills and experience, and can complete the project within a week, please submit your proposal.

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