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JOB #1: We finally have a completed project. Well, sort of. We need someone who can hook up our credit card processing account with the custom pages we had built. Before our last developer left the project he set the site up to take cards from another card company. We have since changed companies (the old company would not let us charge yearly memberships!) and we just don't know how to set up the new information into the pages. For someone that knows this stuff its probably about a 1 hour job, for us its impossible because if one line is wrong the registration will not work. The credit card processing company told us they do not get involved in development, that we have to find we're looking.

JOB #2: If you can do the above job, and if you know PHP and can work quickly with great skill, then we have a series of small or medium projects, or alterations, on our XtremeCamera site. Changing about the Memberships for example, or setting up limits on storage or the number of photos a member can upload on any given day. Things like this we need.

Payment: Payment is by the job. Do the job, get paid. People that know me and this project (we've been trying to get XtremeCamera built and launched for 2.5 years now!) know that I always pay and that I am in fact very generous. Unfortunately some of the developers we have hired in the past were people who could not be trusted. Anyway, each job you complete you'll be paid. Will no longer pay HOURLY rates, will only pay by finished project. Too many programmers have padded their invoices with dozens of unused hours. Sorry, but we will not consider HOURLY rates at all.

TERMS: We want to hire one good PHP programmer that can handle all the changes we need. But, if we need to we'll hire more than one to work on the jobs. Hopefully someone with enough skill and professionalism will contact us.

TIMING: You must be available to complete Job #1 immediately. We cannot move forward until our registration system is working. Then, if you are interested in continuing the work we would submit a list of tasks that need to be done. We would like to have them done on a weekly basis so that each week we can introduce something a bit new, a bit better, to our members.

This is a great opportunity for a good PHP programmer to make some side money for the upcoming holidays. After completing the credit card registration page(s) you will be able to knock off one item a week in your spare time for a decent amount. There is enough items on our list for weekly project till the spring of 07... After that we want to begin to work on a complete new version of the site, using much more AJAX and other cutting each technologies. We always consider XtremeCamera to be UNFINISHED, so we plan to improve the site constantly.

If you think you can do this, contact me. But please, don't waste my time and your own. IF you cannot do these things, if you are not completely fluent in PHP, don't get involved.

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