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I currently run a content team and I am wanting to have software created that will be hosted on a website to help our creation process.

I would like the software to be able to:

Module 1 -

Keywords and competitor keywords

Pull keywords from Semrush by using Semrush api. (Ideally, the user would enter a keyword and a list of all keywords related would pop up from Semrush data including search volume and cpc.)

User would have the ability to enter up to 3 domain names and pull their keyword data from Semrush with volume and cpc.

The data could then be sorted by questions, buyer terms, etc. and sorted into buckets or lists and saved.

Module 2.

Onpage Analysis of top 10

The user would be able to enter their keyword and pull the top 10 Google result meta descriptions and titles to compare content copy.

The user would also see the meta title and descriptions terms that Google bolds related to the search. (Latent Semantic Indexing terms)

The software would also pull all Google suggestions for the keyword used.

I would like the software to also show the word count average amongst the top 10 and the top 3 search results exact word counts. I would also want it to pull the keyword density for the top 3 search results and tf-idf for each article and present the percentages for each. [url removed, login to view]–idf.

If possible we would like the data to also show us the flesh kincaid reading scores for the top 3 search results content on those particular pages. [url removed, login to view]

We would also like this data to come back in a report like sheet that can be downloaded as a CSV.

Module 3

Content Calendar and Collaboration

I would like our team to be able to easily create a content calendar using the keywords or topics found. I would like for us to have the ability to chat and or comment inside the software for better collaboration.

Module 4

Building and posting content

We would like to be able to create and save article templates for faster content creation. If possible we would want to integrate a search to import stock images from Pixabay into our content. We would also like to integrate a youtube search to import videos or embed directly into the software of the content we are creating. Lastly, we would like the content templates and article builder area to have a WYSIWYG builder like WordPress in it for easier formatting. We would like to be able to publish directly from the software to our WordPress sites or save as draft in WordPress.

Module 5.

Question and topic finder

We would like to be able to enter a keyword and pull back questions found on the web in regards to that keyword or topic. Buzzsumo has the question analyzer which is similar to what we want but we would like to do it one inclusive software.

We can purchase a Semrush API and if Buzzsumo would have the ability to use their Question analyzer via api we could purchase that as well. Not sure if they do yet or not.

Module 6


We would like all of this data to be able to go into a report sheet that can be printed out.


We want to host this and do not want it to be desktop based. We want to be able to add users and have the ability to login and out of it. We would like to have 3 levels of access, admin (can change anything, remove or add people), Moderator (can assign tasks but cannot remove data or delete anything), user (can only view tasks).

We would like this software to be in prime colors like blue, yellow, orange, red. If it is possible to have the report be a drag and drop builder with the ability to type in content as well that would be cool.

When you pulled back topics with the question finder it would be awesome to have the ability to check mark the topic or right click on it and add it to the content calendar.

Looking to build this fairly soon and will want to add features to it in the future as well.

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