Shop Script Modifications

We have a detailed list of modifications that need to be added to the "Shop Script Premium" functionality. We'd like all of these features to be enabled/disabled and be completely configurable. Here's a list of the modifications we need right now (some of these are inherent to SS, so please let us know what is and isn't there):

• Customer Accounts / Login – An account will be created for each user that places an order on the website. The account creation allows returning users to login with their e-mail address on the website, and have their information prepopulated,to speed up the checkout process for all future orders. This also allows the website to recognize returning users (once logged in) and provides a

means of displaying a custom welcome message. We realize most of this is inherent to any shopping cart, but we need the username to have to be an email address, not the username that SS currently uses.

• Product Discounts – Discounts will be allowed by product or a product group and may be either a percentage or an actual amount.

• Discount Codes – Discount codes will be allowed in the form of either a percentage or an actual amount off of an order. An example would be that donors get 15% off everytime they shop or $10.00 coupons.

• Multiple Option Products – Products will have the option to have multiple options such as type, size, script, color, and quantity.

• Premiums – The website will allow for premium products to be automatically added to the shopping cart when the total order price is over a specified level.

For example: Orders over $50 worth of merchandise will receive a free magnet. We'd also like to have "upcharge" messages for when the user is within a certain amount of a premium product. For example, if a user is at $45, a custom message will display at the cart.

• Out of Stock – Products will have the ability to show if out of stock and provide an alternate item for the user if one is defined. If no alternate product is defined then the item will say “Out of Stock” and not allow the user to purchase the product. We also need the ability to show as out of stock, but allow the user to purchase the item anyway. This needs to be configurable by item.

• Wishlist – A wishlist will be available to users on the website. Users will be required to create an account so that the wishlist may be kept on file. Wishlists should also be searchable (i.e.- I have a wishlist on my account and my friends can search it if they know my email address) or emailable (i.e.- I email a wishlist out to one or more people)

• Donation Option at Checkout – The website will allow a user to make a donation at checkout. These users will be flagged so that we can export the donation users in a CSV file.

• Sales Tax - Ability to calculate sales tax by State and/or counties within states.

• Admin Purchases - Admin’s will be able to login, be recognized as an admin, and be able to place orders for departments/groups, for freebies, etc. No e-mail will be required for these orders. Admin users will be able to select or enter custom text fields (such as GL codes, etc), be able to choose SRP, cost, and set their own pricing. Admins will have the ability to do customer lookups, order lookups, payment history, credit card type, last 4 digits of the credit card, etc. Admins will also have the ability to re-send order receipts.

NOTE: When we say Admins here, we don't mean a user capable of doing what the native SS Admin can do. We need another tier created that can do these things (no access to the backend). The SS Admin should be able to configure, enable, and disable these features on the backend.

• Ability to make a site completely login-based- meaning only registered users can use the site and unregistered users will only see a login page until they are logged in. Register link will be optional.

Of course, we can communicate on these points as well. These are options we need soon (like within 6 weeks), but a good programmer that can help us here will definitely have more work down the road.

If you're interested, please get in touch with us.

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