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My website allows a person to upload a photo. When they upload it, sometimes it uploads in upper case and the resulting file has the file extension .JPG My thumbnail script will not show this file as a thumbnail. If I change the file to lower case it appears correctly. I realize this can be corrected by changing the main upload script, but I have thousands of photos with the upper case file extension.

Below is my thumbnail code. If you can add a line of code to make it show the images with the upper case .JPG extension, I will send you $15.00 right away. The fix MUST work before we complete the project. Please be fast and honest. I have a good rating and you should too.


$local_file = "/www/html/thumbs/$pic";

if (!file_exists($local_file))

$local_file = "$upload_home/[url removed, login to view]";

if( ereg( "gif$", $pic ) ) { $base = ImageCreateFromGIF($local_file); }

else if( ereg( "png$", $pic ) ) { $base = ImageCreateFromPNG($local_file); }

else if( ereg( "jpe?g$", $pic ) ) { $base = ImageCreateFromJPEG($local_file); }

else if( ereg( "JPE?G$", $pic ) ) { $base = ImageCreateFromJPEG($local_file); }

$bsize = GetImageSize($local_file);

$thumb = @ImageCreateTrueColor(200, 145);

ImageCopyResized($thumb, $base, 0, 0, 0, 0, 200, 145, $bsize[0], $bsize[1]);

if( function_exists( ImageGIF) ) {

header( "Content-type: image/gif\n\n" );



else if( function_exists( ImagePNG) ) {

header( "Content-type: image/x-png\n\n" );



else {

echo "Unsupported imageformat.";





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