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PHP mood modification

Im using a free article script. I need this mood below to link to each article. I want you to install the script at your own server to make neccesary changes in this mod. If you are able to pull this off then Ive have other mood that need modifications...

"Ok here is a very messy and basic one. Still got some formatting to do to it to stop it stretching the comment. If you know css then just add in a wordwrap in there. Also need to make it link to the current comment but ill add that later, one of you should be able to work out how to do it.

To see an example of it go to x and check the bottom block on the right column.

Create a latest comments block.



<h2>Latest Comments</h2>

{section name=$this->i loop=$this->comment}


<b>Written By: {$this->comment2[$this->i]['user_name']}</b><hr>




$q = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM {$this->pre}comments ORDER BY comment_id DESC LIMIT 5");

$this->comment = array();

while ($row = $this->db->nqfetch($q)){

$this->comment[] = $row;

$text = $row['comment_text'];

$user = $row['comment_author'];

$q2 = $this->db->query("SELECT * FROM {$this->pre}users WHERE user_id=$user");

while ($row2 = $this->db->nqfetch($q2)){

$this->comment2[] = $row2;

$user2 = $row2['user_name'];


if (strlen($text) > 50){

$this->comment[sizeof($this->comment)-1]['comment_text'] = substr($text,0,50).' <b>...</b>';



Like i said, its messy so there might be useless things in there which arent needed. If you want to change the length of how much of the comment is shown then go down to where it says strlen($text) and change 50 to whatever you want it to be, also on the next line change 50 to the same number.

If no one makes the comments link to each article then ill do it eventually. Just in a bit of a rush atm. Ill add a full tutorial on how to do this on my website later. "

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