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in short {I want a profeesional and experienced PHP expert who can help me in bearing the load of 100 users logged in on my Captcha entry [url removed, login to view] system must not be slowed down as already i have created it using my some programmers but when more then 5 people log in there the system become slow i want to make it fast

only serious bidders.}

let me explain the situation to you before i explain the

project. The programs i build to advertise on these sites are going to

work with the project i need done. Basically you know how on websites

like myspace you have to enter captcha images in order to certain

things like send mail, add friends, set info and so on. Well what we

did is when my programs got to this point where it had to enter a

captcha image it would download the captcha image and then upload it

to a website we had built. On this website there was a team of about

100 data entry members who would type in the value of that image. Then

my program would download the result to the images that had been typed

in. Its all pretty basic and easy. I have had 2 different coders make

the program. One was just one guy i hired and he did the job perfect.

Infact i tested it out and it was exactly what we needed. Then the guy

died in a car wreck and we had to have it recoded because he had not

yet told us any info about the server he had put it on. So we had no

source and couldnt access the server to download the script. So then

we hired a actual company instead of just one single guy. They said it

would be no problem and could do it in just a few days. It has now

been 8 weeks and it still does not work. Infact its

so bad that my data entry teams are saying if its not fixed or redone

they will refuse to work with me. Everything on the site seems to work

except for the fact that when to many people get on it errors start to

occur. This is why i want you to do the job. Please

read everything below and take a look at the examples i provide.

Please dont do anything in the example but look.

Okay now on to the project. Like i said above the main idea for the

project is just a website where data entry members can login and type

in captcha images that my programs upload to the site. Then when the

image is typed in the value of that image is stored somewhere and my

programs can retrieve that data. There will be 2 different login

types. The admin and the DEO (Data Entry Operators). I have explained

what each is below.


* The admin section should have an area where i can create different

data entry teams

* When i create the team i should be able to specify how many members

should be on the team. For example if i create a team name EvansTeam

and i say that it will have 100 members on it with the password

cowboys then it will create logins EvansTeam1 through EvansTeam100 all

with the password cowboys. All of these ids will be under the team

EvansTeam of course.

(place *captcha* on the start of your BID other wise you will not be considered for this project thanks}

* There should be a stats section that shows how many entries a team

has as a whole. Then if you click on that team name it should bring up

a more detailed stat area that shows exactly how many entries each id

has. See i pay these teams per 1000 entries. This is why it is so

important to keep track of what team has what amount of entries. Then

they pay there team members the same way so they also need to know

what ids had what entries so they can pay there team correctly.

* I should be able to delete an entire teams entries with just one

click of a button.

* Somewhere in the admin section i should also see stats showing me

how many people from each team are online. I should also be able to

see how many images have been uploaded to the site and are still

waiting to be assigned to a data entry member. This stat is important

because it helps me judge how the flow of images is. If i dont have

any images waiting it means that the data entry members are not

getting enough images. They will start to bitch about this because i

pay per entry and not by an hourly basis. Just remember the stat is

not how many images i have uploaded to the site. Its how many i have

uploaded that have not been assigned yet

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