Mafia Online RPG Game

I need a clone of [url removed, login to view]

Here are ost ofthe requiements/functions for the game:


Petty Crimes

1. Purse Snatch

2. Pick Pockets

3. Hold up a 711

4. Rob a local drug dealer/street walker

5. Brake into the pd drug warehouse

6. Sell evidence/drugs stolen from the pd warehouse

7. Steal from a local crew: store/restaurant

8. Beat up a crew snitch

9. Rob a dirty cop

10. blackmail SOMEONE

Crime Wave

10. Organize a crew hit

11. Rob a mansion

12. Steal from a local crew’s business

13. Intercept a drug shipment

14. Smuggle bootleg merchandise

15. Kidnap a player so they can help you with a crime or mission

16. Pay off a cop / snitch for mission info

Weapons Dealer = I don’t know to much about weapons so im leaving this up to the family input


17. Hummer

18. Cruisers

19. Corvettes

20. BMW

21. Saleen

22. Viper

23. Ferrari

24. Limos

25. Armored truck

26. Police Squad car & what ever junky car we can think of


27. Trains amtrack or hobo style

28. Gray hound

29. Plains

30. Automobile

31. Motorcycle

32. Bicycle

33. Tricycle

34. Hitch hike

Jail Bait

35. Prison Break = free everyone that’s in jail

36. Bust one person by clicking on there name

37. Get out of jail free pass you get from a crooked cop :)

38. Payoff a prison gaurd

Missions, Man Hunts & Killing Sprees ? Something to work on


39. buy pictures or get your own to represent the players

40. Profile music

CREWS= the players will make there own crews 2 / 3 will be permanent crews that cant be killed off........ They will need to pay to create there own crews so maybe we should have about 5 permanent crews they chose from to join ???? something to be think about :)

41. FBI,Rangers,Sherriff,Police ect..........we need to decide what this will be?

42. What ever adam wants to call his crew

43. ? what ever the kids want to name there crews

44. When a crew leader gets killed the crew wont drop the crew can go into safe mode if they pay real $$$ for the safe mode :)


45. Bank

46. Liquir Stores

47. Clubs/bars

48. Restaurants

49. Meat markets

50. Casinos

51. Car dealers

52. Insurance office

Insurance for your properties

so when you get attacked or killed they can be inhareted by your crew / spouse or someone you chose to give it to

Spouse / partner

53. Create a partner or request another player to be your spouse so you can have a crime/game partner to help you

54. When your spouse / partner gets killed you can go into safe mode for protection $$$


55. BONUS /CREDITS / POINTS / BULLETS / RANK = SOMETHING TO COMPeNSATE FOR REFFERING A FRIEND :) if you refer someone that buys with real $$$ you get a % of the profit?????? still thinking about how this can work? This is something to play with & think about

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