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Let me introduce you to what I want accomplished, if you're willing to help us out. I run a fantasy hockey league (Ice Hockey Syndicate) and I need a web interface that can alter game information. The game produces a number of files that list anything from player vitals to statistics to standings, etc. These outputted files are merely text files and given the extension .ehm. What I need to do is have a site similar to ESPN or Yahoo Sports that allows my General Managers to see information from the game and change it on the fly. This information will be pulled from these .ehm files and edited by users after logging in. The information that is changed needs to be put back into the .ehm files so I can go onto my web server every day, pull the newly edited .ehm files from there and plop them into the game so I can simulate using the changes. It appears, to me at least, to be a very minor job. I am currently working on a web layout for the site. If you're interested, I'd definitely love to hear from you and perhaps I can explain more in-depth what I would like.

You may design it in whatever gets the job done. PHP would be optimal, but ASP and JSP aren't out of the question. I can provide you with mySQL databasing from my webhost. I have attached a few files that the game generates, as examples, that needs to be parsed. Every piece of data, split by the space delimiters, is a unique integer/string that relates to a piece of information in the game. The majority of integers/strings will need to be updated by users quite often. [url removed, login to view] That is a link that will tell you the breakdown of some of the files I've included and what exactly each piece of data means.

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