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Create PHP code for dynamic website elements: menus (navigation), meta-tags, breadcrumbs and sitemap


I have got a static html-template, which I'd like to extend with some

dynamic elements for the:

- menus (navigation)

- meta-tags

- breadcrumbs

- sitemap

The code should work with PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.

It also should be based on bootstrap 4 definitions or classes (if

available, e.g. breadcrumbs).


All files should become my own, so that I am allowed to use it on

different projects for my customers.

In order to grant that, the code has to be your own development

and free from rights of third parties.


I would like to have one config-file (no mysql-database) where I can define

the following elements:

- the names of all single menu-elements (navigation bar)

- the status of every single menu-element: activated or not

- the order and the level of every single menu-element

- the title and description meta-tag of every page belonging to each


I don't know how this might work (maybe via the definition of a constant at

the top of every page), but I need a way to tell each single subpage which

page it is, and then add the correct corresponding menu entries, breadcrumbs and meta-tags

from the above mentioned config-file.

> From these entries in that config-file should be created:

1) dynamic BREADCRUMBS which have links to the parent pages and are styled

whith bootstrap: [login to view URL]

2) a dynamic SITEMAP on the page "sitemap" with links to every page and

using the classes "sitemap-level-1", "sitemap-level-2" , "sitemap-level-3"

etc. for a hierarchically ordered and css-stylable list.

3) and most importantly, the dynamic MENUS for all the subpages:

I would like to have a menu that is automatically created on every single

page. Here is an example how the menus and especially the product menu

should look like as an end result and why I need the following classes:

[login to view URL]

- all necessary bootstrap classes used in the id="produktnavigation":

collapse and navbar-collapse for the div, nav and navbar-nav for the ul

- [login to view URL] for highlighting the active product group

- [login to view URL]: for the active element -> these links should not contain a

href-element and should not be clickable

- [login to view URL]: for the parent menu-element of the active one -> these are

linked and clickable

- a.nav-zwei, a.nav-drei, a.nav-vier (which means translated two, three,

four) for showing the different product levels with an indentation.

Eventually, I have to be able to use this code for 3 differant menus on every single


- "mainmenu"

- "productmenu"

- "footermenu"

4) on every page the matching META-TAGS (title and descriptopn) -

defined in the config-file - should be automatically added.

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