X-cart Customization

X-cart customization project: Expert PHP developer required.

#1: SKU rationalization. Our product is downloadable images. Each product sells three different sizes

The data for all three different size products are in one sku/record. Our sample data (partial) is as follows: sku(unique), Large_Image, Medium_Image, Small_image. Information in each of those fields is always unique.

Every size has it own unique price. In addition there are specific fields for colour space, pixel size, image size - etc for each image. A sample tab file that shows all the relevant fields can be forwarded if requested.

An example of how it works in a layout can be found at: [url removed, login to view];sortkey=B%[url removed, login to view] -be sure to paste full url.

Customers will be able to choose necessary image resolution. Download key will be generated for corresponding file and will be send to customer in email, following credit card payment confirmation.

The thumbnail image (which we create) and the watermark image are identically named to the SKU - and stored in different directories. (Although we can change that if necessary)

#2 Search Currently we have a keyword field where the terms (comma separated) are hyper linked to another search. Example can be viewed at

[url removed, login to view];sortkey=B%[url removed, login to view]

- Be sure to paste full url.

X-cart search will search the description fields including the "Detailed Description" field.

On the product details page, we would like to display the "short description" and the "detailed description" fields. The content in the "detailed description field" should be hyper linked to another search. For example: if the "Detailed Description" includes the words tree, sky, blue, blue sky, birds, - clicking on the word "sky" would result in search of the word "sky"

An example implementation of this can be found at [url removed, login to view];sortkey=B%[url removed, login to view]

We can use a different field if it's easier, but what's important is the functionality.

#3 Ongoing Support We also want to confirm avaliabiltiy and reliablity for ongoing, long term support.

All code changes/additions must be commented.

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