Business Newsletter System

This project is for a newsletter system using PHP and MySQL for talented developers.

The system should have one (or two) "master" logins to the master control panel. This is for me to log in and create a login for each of my clients, limit how many emails they can send (due to web hosting restrictions I would offer them 1,000 or 2,000 free newsletters a month and then they would have to pay a small fee like $10 for additional 1,000 for example) and similar account-limiting features for me to specify for each account. Also, an HTML template would be added for each client for personalised newsletters, so in this area I will add a template for their account. The users should not be able to add their own templates to their account control panel, only me through the master control panel. So, I should be able to assign/upload a specific template to a specific account. There should be room for adding more newsletter templates per account, as clients may want to have different templates for different activities. I haven't thought about other features for master control panel, but basically things I would need to have to control their access and what they have in their accounts.

In their control panel, each of my clients should have the features like this product (as a guideline): [url removed, login to view]

The important thing is ease of use for clients (and their subscribers), as many of them are NOT computer literate, they are just business operators, and a pretty interface (think Windows XP) :)

Templates would be HTML, but support for Text version should be there too (like in the product above). They need to have a web HTML editor at the time of sending newsletters with ability to add images, links, etc. Also, use of tags from the subscriber tables needs to be included (example: Dear {first_name}, or To unsubscribe, click this link: {UNsub_link} )

They need to be able to add/delete topics in their admin area (example: Product 1, Product 2, Corporate News - so users can subscribe to topic of their interest). At the time of sending, they can choose which topic that particular newsletter goes to, or ALL topics if it's an important announcement. Tracking of activities would be very important so my clients can get reports through their control panels on user tracking to see who has opened their email after they send a newsletter, a history of past newsletters, list of people who un-subscribed, import/export of subscribers lists (for backup purposes) and things like that. I think the majority of these features are in that product URL above.

Code needs to be written in English and well-commented (if future changes are necessary)

The deadline is not very tight, the important thing is that the solution is robust, secure and well-planned out. It will run on a Linux web server, using PHP and MySQL.

Thanks :)

Note: This is a commercial product that once paid for, we will own it and have full rights to the code. So, please don't use Open Source projects as those come with a different license. This project is a custom development, so bid ONLY if you are talented enough to develop this system yourself :)

Here is more detailed information about this project:

Additional specs since some bidders have asked or proposed several things that I do NOT want, some of them haven't read the description properly but just browsed through it. Here is the clarification for some:

- The solution is to be written in pure PHP/MySQL combination running on a Linux web server (no ASP, Perl, etc). If solution is able to run on a Windows machine as well, even better, but Windows is not a requirement. Almost all USERS of the system will have Windows (some will have MacOS), but actual solution will be running on a Linux web server.

- forget password function does need to be there for accounts - end-users (if they forget their password and wish to unsubscribe), and for admins as well. So all passwords stored in MySQL should not be encrypted.

- if a specific business (ABC Inc) has only 1 topic (some businesses will only have one newsletter to subscribe to as their main and only newsletter) the end user when they subscribe should not have to select that one topic, it should be assumed that it's the one. This just makes it less complicated for them to subscribe as there is only 1 newsletter from that business.

- From my master control panel I need some reporting, such as how many accounts (admins) I have in total, the list of them where I modify them (allowance, username, password, etc), I need to have a function where I can see how many emails has each account sent for the current month, and how many subscribers they have in total, and things like that. Also, I need to be able to search for a specific username (for example if an account calls me with a problem) I need to be able to find it quickly to be able to upload or modify settings/HTML newsletter templates/allowances for total messages sent for a month and total number of subscribers for each account, etc. You have probably thought about all this, but basically I just wanted to clarify it :) The system should be comprehensive, powerful but easy to use and "pretty". The reason for this is that the business clients will want power and features, but since they are not computer literate it needs to be packaged for them in a "pretty box" so they can use it easily.

- emails sent from the system (including my notices to admins and newsletters sent by the admins to their subscribers) should be sent using the PHP's mail() funciton with an ability to use an SMTP server as well. This should be defined in each account's settings or preferences page. The mail() function should be enabled by default.

If any more questions, please contact me. And please read all the info I have provided so far. I think everything is covered and there is a very good description of the project and what the end solution should do and look like.

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