Additional custom PHP work for ShadoWorld PHPBB Site

There are ten tasks that build off the work we already did this last time. Here are the ten tasks:

1) Aliases for user accounts. All users should have the ability to create multiple aliases.

-All aliases will have an assigned group as either Pbp-Group1, Pbp-Group2, Pbp-Group3, Pbp-Group999 or General.

-Each alias has its own separate player information.

-Users/admin will have the ability to change player information for all aliases that they own.

-All users will have the ability to post a message as one of their aliases.

-When a player chooses an alias to post a message as, the player information for that alias is displayed.

-When posting a message, it should select the alias associated with the group you are posting in.

2) Map Link

- Ability for moderators (not users) to upload an optional picture (map) that is associated for each topic.

- The image should be displayed using the [thumbnail=center]http://pictureurl[/thumbnail] tag so it creates a thumbnail at the bottom of the last post in the topic. By default, it is collapsed with link of "+ View Current Map"and not viewable. Clicking on the thumbnail makes its larger (just like the thumbnail tag does now)

- Add a collapsible link underneath 'Change Player Information' to 'View Current Map' when you make a new post/edit a post that will show this map.

3) Association of descriptions

- Ability to create descriptions for the following items: Gear, conditions, Spells and abilities.

- User can define descriptions for all gear, spells and abilities. Admin can define descriptions for all gear, spells, abilities and conditions.

- Condition descriptions are the same for all users since Admin control these. Gear, Spell and Ability descriptions are unique for each user.

- Hover over descriptions for defined items

4) Central log of all changes

- Whenever a change is made to any player information, it is logged into a log for that group.

- A new log should be created for every "Game Day" in each group.

- When a new topic is created, have the option to Display Game Log. If yes, choose which group and which game day.

- In admin area, option to create new game logs.

- The log should be displayed as a listbox, with last ten lines listed. It should be displayed under the "+ View Current Map" as "+ View Game Log" after the last post and above the line that says "Display posts from previous"

5) Player Information Changes

- Put a +/- to the left of "Change Player information"

- Add a new variable under Change Player Information called "Hero Points". It is a dropdown between 0-99.

- Change "Hit Count" to "Hit Points"

- Change minimum Hit Points from 0 to -20. Dropdown should go from -20 to 99.

- Separate and move Spells and Abilities, each having their own section. Move "Add Additional Spells" and "Add Additional Ability" buttons so they are next to their own section

- Make box for Gear larger so it shows 8 rows. Move "Change Quantity", "Add New Gear" and "Delete Gear" buttons so they are stacked vertically on top of each other next to selection box.

- When adding new gear, also put box for quantity so that it can be added at the same time you add new gear.

- Add an editable text field called "Quick Stats" that allows the users to enter a string of text (has symbols, numbers, letters) in it.

- Add a new section for Skills

- Add a new section for Offense

6) New Skills section

- Just like Spells/Abilities, user can add Skill entries.

- There list of 60 some skills. A user may select a skill from the list and enter a numeric value for that skill. Number can be positive or negative. Some skills have no value.

7) New Offense section

- Just like Spells/Abilities, user can add new "Offense" entries.

- User can enter the following information about each Offense entry: Attack (number, positive or negative), Damage (represented by dice code such as 1d6+5 or 2d6+12 etc), Critical Multiplier (number dropdown between 0 and 5), Range (number,

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