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Please notice the following developments, addition, and fixing that we would like to carry out for this website Alhudavoice.com. This website is an Arabic website. However, you can do it in English and we can translate it to Arabic later on. If you can not develop the programming you can start from scratch, however, the current features that are already in the website from previous programming

and not mentioned here should be provided.

Please notice that all these are subject for change and addition :

1. The website should be powered by SEO (100%). We would like our site to appear in the first pages of the results by search engines. Also, we would like the important hits to appear in the results such as the artists, pictures and albums in the results rather than members.

2. Fix the new albums menu as we are facing problems with it i.e Can not delete, edit, or determine the number of albums. This problem is in both audio and video sections.

3. Develop the shape of the new albums. We would like this menu to appear exactly like youtube i.e Video being watched right now

4. Fix all the problems in admin control panel and also change the shape of the pannel. Fix the following in the admin control panel:

a. After we reply on post from a member, his post on our reply does not appear. Therefore, we would like to solve this problem.

b. When adding a picture, album or even when upgrading any thing, the system takes you back to the main page (which we don't want). Please make sure that it does stay in the same page.

c. Developing the advertisement page i.e give us the ability to add picture, link or/and comments from the control panel. Also, we want the system to accept HTM.

d. We would like the names of the artists to appear in alphapate order

5. Provide compulsory fields to fill in by individuals who are willing to register in our website or even in contacting us.

6. Provide the ability to Edit, Transfer and delete tracks and albums i.e in group and/or in single

7. Provide the ability to take back up copies from the website it self. Provide the feature of sitemap that can be upgraded daily. And can be picked up by Google exactly like the Vbseo system.

8. Provide a moderator system that enables us to assign the moderator on an artist or a section or even on the whole website. Also, enable us to assign a manager with full authority.

9. Develop the system for adding comments using the Ajax & jQuery system. Also, all the comments in the album should appear nice and neat looks like the comments in this link. [url removed, login to view]

10. The statistics in the websites are not accurate. For example, the system does not count the number of views if the flash or media player is used to view the track. It only counts the real player views. In addition, we would like you to add the total number of browsing in the website. Also, add the total number of albums, artists, tracks and number of downloads and views.

[url removed, login to view] the flash page i.e listening area and the advertisement area in this page.

12. Add a new feature for listening via media player.

13. During downloading the system does not show how much was downloaded and how much remained. Currently the only message appears is "Unkown". Also, make sure that the system supports downloading programs such as FlashGet and Internet Download Manager (IDM).

14. Develop and ease the addition of artist, Pictures, and tracks.

15. Add mobile section i.e mobile tones . We would like it to be simple with a control panel in the website it self and it should look nice and organized.

16. Add the following to the album and singer's page (would like it to look elegant and nice):

a. Number of downloads

b. Number of listening times and the duration

c. Show the qualility of the file

17. Add alphabetic line to the artist's page. So the members and visitors can click on a particular letter to view all the artist's name that come under a particular letter.

18. Enable us to control the way the albums are organized in the website using the Ajax & jQuery techniques.

19. Enable admin (for each album) to choose what appears in the main page and what not by adding a feature in the control panel to do so. Also, we would like albums to appear exactly like the photos in this link. [url removed, login to view]

Information under each album should appear exactly like the photos in the previous link i.e views, downloads, CD Quality ex. 192 kbps CD ( please make sure that the system should be able to automatically determine the quality of the CD).

Or 96 kbps near cd quality. Also, provide a feature that allow us to select optional information to appear under the album for example the addition/removal of other information according to our need i.e date that the album was issued, new / old, studio / theatre.

20. When adding a new album, for an artist that does not have a picture, we would like the system to add a default picture for the artists automatically.

21. Provide a file manager system like the one in the cpanel but with limited features i.e the moderator can not edit or delete any files unless they had uploaded them themselves. We would like to be able to determine the responsibilities for the moderators (what they can do and what they can not). Also, enable us to determine a specific folder for the moderators where they can control it and enable them to edit and delete audios thorough that folder, but does not give them the authority to work out side it. The protection system should be very strong in this case. This system should be on [url removed, login to view] however, the uploading will be on another website but on the same server.

22. Selecting a letter from the top of the page, results in a page with all the singers in that letter, however, a singer appears more than once in that particular page this is because of the presence of each singer in more than one section. Therefore, we would like the name of the sections to appear under their names in this particular case.

23. In the main page of [url removed, login to view] the name of the singer and the track does not appear under the picture. Please note that this problem is only in the video section

24. Multi categories system (unlimited)

25. Add a feature that enables us to Hide categories

26. Add Creative of the week system that looks like this [url removed, login to view] of the month. Also, we want it to appear in the main page exactly like the main page in http://mawaly.com. The system should depend on number of visits/week to the member. The whole organization should look like the link above.

27. Alhudabox is special system for albums that look like the creative of the week system. This system should be able to determine the gold, silver and bronze albums depending on the number of downloads, listening and visits/week.

. 28. Add album system for the pictures of the artist it should look like this [url removed, login to view] with all the features. Also, provide the ability for the member to upload pictures for the singer. Please note the following:

a. Use Ajax & jQuery techniques when click on previous and next

[url removed, login to view] the ability to copy the link of the picture for forums and direct links as well.

c. Provide the feature of writing the copy rights on the picture or provide the slogan automatically

d. The picture should appear in a mini size exactly like in [url removed, login to view] and can be enlarged by clicking on the picture. the picture should appear in its natural size. The screen should be black (Ajax).

e. Make slide show for the artist's pictures.

f. allow random pictures of the artists to appear with the statistics in the main page exactly like [url removed, login to view], the page of the album of the artists should be exactly like mawaly.

29. Develop the right list of audios and videos

30. Provide the feature of listen and download in the main page next to the statistics of tracks with the highest number of downloads, evaluation, and listening.

31. The news system should look like mawaly.com. Make it Ajax & jQuery please.

32. The ability to copy the direct link and link for forums should appear in the following pages; pictures, news, albums, artists and the track it self when viewed by flash.

[url removed, login to view] RSS feature where ever possible.

34. The website should be free from faults like XHTML, XML,CSS ….. ect

35. Enable the manager of the website to control responsibility and authority of moderators in the website. For example, authorizes the moderator with only one singer or one category i.e news, pictures ….etc

36. Allow members to add their favorite pictures and their personal picture. This should be under the control of the admin i.e requires permission. Also, we need to control the members i.e band, delete or edit….etc

37. It is only logic that you add the number of albums, pictures, news that should appear in each page. However, we would like to control the number according to our need e.g 10 news, 20 albums and so on. Ajax & jQuery technique should be used.

38. Pictuers of albums should be uploaded to uploads/album folder, picture of singer

should be uploaded to upload /singers, pictures of news should be uploaded to upload/news and a general picture of the singer goes to uploads/pics

39. Youtube upload clone should be provided in the vedio category

40. Enable browsing through mobile exactly like this website [url removed, login to view]

41. Mailing list system

42. Multilanuage feature

43. Protection system (99.99%)

44. Our copyrights the website and for programming should be registered to [url removed, login to view]

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