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We wish to have an Adobe AIR app that leverages the data from our soon to be launched API. (our site [url removed, login to view]) - the application will communicate with our API and show to the user any current conversations they are having within

The functionality we would want

* main display

- shows list of current conversations - showing the title and the number of comments beside. If you click then it takes you to the webpage to read the comments.

- refresh button (force it to go do a refresh with [url removed, login to view])

* The application must be able to be minimised into the task bar - when minimized when an update comes in and new comments are found (it would have to do a diff between previous list + new list) - it would pop up alerts to show which conversations you need to go read. (when the popup appears you can click on the link and go straight to that post)

* Control Panel

- store your username+apikey

- edit the speed at which it updates (e.g. every 10 minutes)

We will work with the developer on the interface design so that it fits with our current colour schemes + design.

Sample XML for a conversation (this can be supplied from the API in XML,JSON or serialized PHP)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



<title>EA Announces Fight Night Returning For Fourth Round</title>


<blog_link>[url removed, login to view];/blog_link>




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