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2 Items are required (changes to my existing Wordpress site [url removed, login to view]

1. I need someone to design a new page template (to apply to newly created pages). Lets call the page template 'Family Template'.

What the page layout would do is list (alphabetically a - z), all pages below (parents and child pages below) the page being created.

It would make shorter records than the real pages. And the way it would do that is by looking for the first <hr /> and break immediately there, before listing the next record within the family. The sub-page titles would become valid hyperlinks to the appropriate pages.

I've created a static page at [url removed, login to view] (link at bottom of right sidebar) to show you what the format I prefer.

There would need to be some way to control how many records to see before Last Page / Next Page pagination would occur (probably in WP dashboard. The ability to turn on/off tags would also be great as would the ability to rename the word 'tag' (seen before the tag list).

2. I need the search results page when clicking a tag or doing a website content search to change. From what is currently seen when clicking on 'Tag = 'rice'' and even typing in the word 'rice' in the search box (top right sidebar), to what the clickable links return in the lower part of the sidebar, 'preferred tags search' & 'preferred content search' (again, I've created static pages to show you the results I require.

Notice under the search term (my layouts), there is what I would call a search criteria block:

Tags Search | Website Search

Pages then Posts | Posts then Pages

If you click on each hyperlink, you will realize that there are basically 4 underlying search result page layouts. Each of these hyperlinks top text needs to be able to be changed (via dashboard)by the links obviously would remain the same (between the four).

Then, notice posts are paragraph headed by their published timestamp dates, while pages are paragraph headed by the top parent, and you'll also notice that pages without parents get listed before pages with parents.

The family tree gets reverse listed down to the lowest child page and only that page gets a valid hyperlink.

There needs to be control (from the dashboard) to set which of the four search combinations is used for a tags search and also a search box search. Total entries before pagination also need to be controlled from the dashboard.

In both of the above cases, files are preceeded by a mini-icon file pics, and folders are preceeded by mini-icon folder pics.

I'm looking for the work ASAP, therefore I need an ETA from only those that can work relatively quickly. A price would be good as well.



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