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I need a golf scoring program in delphi 6. The program must have a splash screen, while it is loading and retrieving the datafile. Also an intro screen, and then a main menu. The datafile must be a .dat file and should be loaded and saved in that form. A golf corse needs to computerise their scoring system and has between 30 to 100 members. The program needs to enter the names of competitors, and their relevant handicap and the score they receive on each of the 18 holes with the use of arrays. Including details above, the following scores must be calculate for each player: Gross ??" total number of strokes played by a player in their round Overall net score ??" gross score minus player’s handicap Modified stableford - this is calculated with each player’s handicap to work out their net score on each hole. The Net score is a minus 1 point to the total strokes taken on a hole if the player’s handicap is or is under Stroke hardness allocated for the hole. The stableford points are then allocated on the hole by: Double eagle (3 under par)= 8 points; Eagle (2 under par)= 5; Birdie (1 under par)= 2; Par= 0; Bogey (1 over par)=-1; Double bogey/Other= -3; this is then minused from the par score. The players overall stableford score is the sum of all the stableford points scored on each hole. Versus Par Score - calculated using the net score on each hole, then… Under Par=1 Par=0 Over Par=-1. Overall Versus Par score is the sum of all Versus Par Points scored on each hole. The results must be displayed on reports in order of gross score for each player Member’s names must be stored in a datafile that can be used for easier data input When players tie for a win, the program must find the player with the lower net score on the last hole to be the winner. Also add any other options and modifications, in order to make the program pro . In the main menu, I don't want buttons to be used, but instead golf balls, with their caption to the right/left of them. When the ball is ‘hit’ (pressed) {sound is needed}, then it must act like a button, and move to the next screen. I ALSO NEED ALL THE .DPR & .PAS FILES. ALONG WITH ALL THE OTHER FILES USED IN DELPHI IN ORDER FOR ME TO PRINT OUT AND VIEW THE SOURCE CODE. ALSO YOU MUST NOT WRITE ANY OF THE PROGRAM IN DIRECT3D, DIRECTX, OPENGL,OR ANY OTHER OF THE SORT!!!! Everything MUST BE COMPLETED BY 3 latest 4 SEPTEMBER

## Deliverables

All the files to run the game All the files in order to view the source code, forms, etc in delphi 6 All other attachments used in the program, such as gif files, backgrounds, music, etc. Any other files, or information used to run the program. A fully functional program, that incoproates all the features listed above

## Platform

Delphi 6

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