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I need a petitions website. I have an existing script [url removed, login to view] which I used to create petitions so something along its lines but modified to my requirements:

The idea is for new users to create petitions using my site and use an online editor of some sort that has a spell checker and BB code – maybe wordpress?

The main source of revenue for [url removed, login to view] will be derived from adsense and paid text links. Adsense placement specifications (code) will be provided by us. Text links should appear in a box (up to 8 text links) which we can insert either as html from admin. Text links box should appear site wide. We will also be using banner advertising so we need to be able to control / edit header footer templates and possibly a sidebar for the use of the text links.

The site as a whole should be SEO with SE friendly links

Admin Panel:

- Add/ edit / remove /suspend accounts

- Add/ edit / remove /suspend petitions

- User history and account history

- Stats and advanced search by date and or status of petitions

- Security system to safeguard against adsense abuse on individual accounts. Should there be something wrong with any petition, we need to be able to suspend or pause the adsense from appearing on that petition until we’ve sorted out the problem. Most likely the adsense will need to be placed in a box or block which could be turned off or on at admin.

User Signup:

- User to provide, email to be confirmed.

- Systems sends email for user to confirm, when verified, user is sent to signup page which includes:

Signup Page

1 - Username: Because the petitions username will be linked to a vbuletin forum where the username will be created automatically upon signup. There should be a verification system to check if username is taken on the vbuletin forum and or within the system. If the username exists then a suggestion of alternative matching usernames should be made)

2 - Password: at least six characters

3 - Password / account reminder for lost/forgotten passwords– retrieved by email account

4 - email: (already verified should appear here automatically)

5 -Title / First name / Last name

6 -Address1

7 -Address2

8 -City

9 -State

10 -Country

11 -Zip

12 - Telephone:

13 - Occupation

14 - of birth

- User must agree with terms and policies by tick box

- Image verification should be used to deter spammers from fictional names signups

- User clicks proceed and his account is created as well as a forum username is created.

- Next screen is the user control panel:

Create new petition

- Templates: The user will be presented with ready made templates which he can chose from. Should the desired template be unavailable, user may contact us to have a custom template designed.

- User must have facility to be able to change the petition text with italics, bold, font colour

Petition specifications:

- Title: Can be up to 255 character required field / unique

- Petition: this should be a 10 character name which will become the subdomain required field / unique

Name should be checked against already registered subdomains. If the name exists then it is given a numeric in the end of the name: for instance if ‘test’ is take then test1 test2 test3 are suggested

The fields below are not mandatory apart from the email and name:

- Petition start date

- Petition end date

- First name required

- Middle name

- Last name required

- email (should not be public but accessible by the petition creator – when someone signs a petition he will automatically receive an email which he must click to verify or else his signature will not appear or be valid)

- State (list of U.S states plus non U.S field)

- Country (list of countries)

- Zip code

- Age

- Date of birth

- Comment box: this should contain a bad language filtration system to censor obscenities

- Custom field 1

- Custom field 2

- Banner:

- Standard size banner to be uploaded or linked to via html

- Images: 5 images may be uploaded to be used as a maximum

Once the user creates the petition he has 24 hours to edit it – after which he may not edit it or modify it, but can cancel it. Edits to the petition after 24 hours will need to be approved by admin including old petitions.

Contact the author: email form should default to the author’s email address

Tell a Friend

- Each petition will have a tell a friend facility with the following:

- Email to: the friend’s email (up to 10 emails friends)

- Message: default message i.e username has signed a petition at [url removed, login to view] and would like to invite you to do the same. Please click on this link to visit the petition <link>(We want the petition author to have the facility to change the default message to a custom one in his user cpanel.)

User cpanel:

- Add / edit / Suspend / Terminate petitions and comments on the petitions (petition can be edited by author up to a maximum of 24 hours from its creation. After 24 hours all edits needs to be approved by the admin)

- Account holder can chose to either approve signatures manually or have them updated automatically

- Cron job for auto emails to account holders with daily stats – This feature could be switched off by account holder in control panel.

- Petition summary stats, number of signatures, date started, date ended (if ended by author)

- Optional: We want to offer users the ability to incorporate their own keywords and meta tags. This should be an advanced feature and optional. If meta and keyword are used, the pages that are parsed should contain these choices as well as the points in (f) below.

- Stats and advanced search by date and or status of petitions

Should the user end the petition it will remain online viewable and accessible by general public but it would be closed for signatures. The footer should display a summary of total signatures and statistics derived from the countries / states ass pie charts.

Cancel: If any users want to cancel any petition they will need to click on the cancel button or link and fill a one line text box with an explanation.


- Petition categories (Environment, Education, Politics, Animals, business, legal, media, sports, health, computers, ect…)

- Privacy Policy

- Strong reminder that we will not sell the emails

- How To Write A Successful Petition (we need something similar)

- Be the first to get Action Alerts with our new RSS feeds! Learn More » (We need something similar)

- Petition of the Day

- Link to all our petitions (different links containing links to active petitions and link to all petitions)

- [url removed, login to view] (useful)

- [url removed, login to view] (useful)

- [url removed, login to view] (useful)

- Contribute! (Donations)

- [url removed, login to view]

- [url removed, login to view]

- [url removed, login to view]

- [url removed, login to view]

- [url removed, login to view]

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