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Hello I’m Anthony Hickman

I own site called [url removed, login to view] it is a web based game MMOG its set in space. It is about space warfare set in the future. You have the options of making alliance and destroying people that get in your way.

PM if you would like more information about how the game works

This is game in mainly based on PHP and hosted by 1 and1 .[url removed, login to view] and is connect to a MYSQL server

It’s a tick based game and 1 tick would be ever 15 minutes

I’m after someone to do a variety job jobs for me no that site mainly updating some of the code and adding new features.

I will start with the total amount of jobs that need doing and will require someone very knowledgeable of PHP and its coding.

New Features that need adding to the site

Credit system

This is a system that gives a player the option to buy credits via pay pal. I would sell credits in the amount of 5,10,20,40,60,80,100, the case is more you buy the cheaper each token would be tokens would start at around 50cent each and become cheaper the more you buy. When the player has brought the credits it will automatically added to there account and can use them when and how they wish. The option I need would be 1 credit would amount for 1 tick’s worth of resources. Or the option buy a set amount of resources e.g. 300k of each resources there are 3 types of resources in the game.

Game Forum

I would like a game forum to bee added to the game so everyone could discuss topics on a forum. The ADMIN (me) would be able to have access edit and delete posts when needed.

Engineering page

I need an engineering page that would work in conjunction of the resources being made in the game. (Droids income and building income) I need this to work on a % of income for example. You have 3 resources platinum, fuel, and titanium. There would be 3 different type of engineering 1 for each kind of resources. Its start at 1% and moves all the way up to 100% but each time a % is done the price increased to do this and the amount of tick for example. Level 1 titanium would cost 200P 200F 200T and 4 ticks level 2 would cost 350P 350F 350T and 7 ticks and so on till level 100 what would be 100% extra income that would cost around 10million of each resources and 300+ ticks.

Top 50 Alliance Page

This is a page where you can view the top 50 alliance in the game that would show the alliance name, position in leader board, how many members, and details to go to there alliance page and also show you who is the leader of the game. I would like it if players could request to join an alliance. At the moment you can only join an alliance if you invited.

System Defence

This is a page that is for defensive building. There would need to be 3 types of defensive building. Each building will attack different type attacking unit’s mother ships, fighters (close range) and long distance ships). Each building will take the same amount of time to build and will only be availed when the correct research and construction has been done. There will he a certain type of ship that can destroy these type of building.

Live chat system

I need a simple live chat system for the game that where players can chat to each other. I don’t need anything for them that they need to register just something to that enter there name and start chatting. I would like it to open up a new widow. But like the chat system to have the same kind of design as the game e.g. the backgrounds and stuff.

Pages that need updating

Overview section.

At the moment the overview section just shows your name. I need this section to show you extra information like the amount of building you has your resource with % from the engineering page. Income and what ships unit u has in total and where they are based e.g. home fleet1 fleet2 fleet3.

The building page

This is a build page for resource income only there will be 3 different of building of each kind of research. Each building that is built will give the 75 of that type of resources. There will be a certain type of unit tat can destroy these building.

Construction and research pages

There will be research and construction pages (separate pages that wok in conjunction with each other. This is how it will go.

Research the infrastructure >constriction> then build the building or ship type.

Ok in the game there will be around 10-15 type of ship for every ship u will need to do the correct research for that unit then build that factory before u can build that type of unit. And you will also need to do they dame before you can build income building and defensive building. Each research will take a certain amount of time and resources.

If you take the job on I will give u all the details on this.

Ship values

I need you to change the amount of score that each ship gives you. Each ship will be different as they cost different amount and different amount of time to build.

Search and spy ops

The cost to look for new droids at the moment cost too much I need this to drop by 75%

Droids Page

The cost to set a free droid to working on the type of resources he working on at the moment is way too high I need this to be reduced but 70%.

Worker score values

I need the worker score to be dropped at the moment each worker is worth too much score I need them to be dropped by to a free worker 1 each and a set up work to be 4 each.

The biggy attacking

Ok at the moment in my game the attacking system is total wrong I need to be one the best pointers in the game. Take a death breath here goes.

First of all I need the attacking bonus in the game taken out.

At the moment the system is you take xxxx amount of tick to get to the person you are attacking and u attack when u gets there manually. This is a flaw as if you are top you can protect your army so if u get attack it wont get hurt or destroyed.

The system I need is a lot more complex. I want it so its takes u an xxx amount of tick to get there same as before but when u gets there you automatically attack. Also I want it so u can do joint attacks with your friends so if they are set to go and attack the enemy kingdom at the same time there fleets join up and attack the person together with both of there fleets.

Also I would like a defending option as well in the game its kind of similar to the attacking but defending. But u has an option to defend for longer amount of time a maximum of 5 ticks before you army start its way back home. I need an option that you can recall you fleet when u want to. If you succeed or not getting through can stay can stay the same at the moment as on the original same script. Also if u do get a successful attack. You steal 10% of there resources. Also there is a unit that stealers that steal enemy droids when attacking these would work on a basis if the amount of droids you have in your army that was not killed during the attack would steal 1 droids each of the different type’s e.g. u send 1000 stealers and 1000 survive you would steal 250 free droids 250 platinum droids 250 fuel workers and 250 titanium droids.. If the fleet does not have any free workers or any other type you would not steal more of another droids u would steal none of that type and the normal amount of others.

This might take a while to do and test.

Map/galaxy page

It’s fine at the moment but need I just need something there to show you how many droids that that players has. I might also want to change something easel as well.

Signup page.

I need the sign up page to have more fields in it that will ask for the details about the player e.g. male/ female, age, where they are from, as well as the information that it contain at the moment.

That it for the in game stuff

The person for this job would need to be in contact with me constantly via email and I want to see the progress made.

You would need to have knowledge on how to set up a cron job payment would be given when game has been tried and tested( make sure the attacking system work fine with no bugs)

If the work I receive is good I will ask the freelancer to do updates for my game on a regular basis.

I have set the budget from $100 - $300 dollars if you think I am being to tight please PM me

Many Thanks Anthony Hickman

Evner: Linux, PHP, Web Design

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