icecubeuk plz bid!: review+fixup of GAF site installed today

A new 7-pg static website [url removed, login to view] was installed be me 13 hours ago on my own server from job [url removed, login to view] after receiving the tarball (attached) in which it was sent to me. Access to my site will not be given out, but I used to be a government HP-UX sysadmin and can install any type of software package to Linux server of webhost. I will have to do all installation. Will post the provided text Instructions and layout description on uploaded files in email format received. As is obvious from the feedback and ratings, provider was very unhappy at end of project, and I was (also) ... and so doubtful of its delivery that I ran HTTrack over the site on his server to both check it for errors and to have a copy in case the source was never delivered because Provider was insisting that I release the payment out of escrow to to him prior to receiving the tarball. The money had been escrowed earlier that day (he had not insisted I do it earlier, and, as my first GAF project, I did not understand escrow system operation here or its conventions so he then instructed me to read FAQ or contact help desk. Then, after doing so and with the full payment money in escrow, he demanded that I release escrow before he would send me the tarball, since he had earlier told me that he wanted payment on my acceptance of site's appearance on HIS server, not on mine. And back then I was unfamiliar w. the terms or how to do it--because this REALLY WAS my first and only project here prior to this one. Well, the money WAS in escrow and after I told him GAF advises no release until product is *delivered*, he caved in and sent me the tarball but was upset that I wanted to load it up on my site with SSH to make sure it was operational before releasing payment. This led to angry threats from him to involve GAF, arbitration, etc., some of them posted in my feedback of him. That was all happening after I received the tarball FRiday morning after he emailed it Thursday night my time) after I has shut off PC. The full payment was in escrow the whole time, and I even sent him by email an HTML image of the GAF screen showing the transaction to escrow, but he acted al along like the money was not in escrow and I was somehow trying to rip him off. I am telling this so you will understand why a "successfully completed" project is now reappearing for some checking and hopefully minor fixups. The only known real problem with the site is that when he made one of the two last changes of removing my email from public display (with reCAPCHA installed as subsitute contact box), the page on which he removed my email has the Title Banner dropped down on the page unlike all the rest of them. Here is the Resume page and compare banner location to the other pages you can navigate to:

[url removed, login to view]


1) I want to be able to change the content of any of the pages with screwing up the formatting. I was told that the text of the pages had been separated from the pages themselves for easy editing, but the last change he made of deleting two lines, dropped down the Title banner of that page so it's not at top of browser window.

2) I want someone to go over the site and check it for malware.

3) I'd like a script to be written called by a weekly cron job that will email me every week all the of apparent user/browser/bot ID info (and preferably figure out the country of origin) for all of the downloadable files in the /downloads folder. I should probably be keeping track of where these documents are going. Feel free to propose a SIMPLE solution that does not entail pretty formatting. Text email is preferred as long as it can be printed in portrait mode directly.

Problem with doing upload of tarball because it is 380 KB and over the size limit. I'll upload it to mediafire and post the link if the Project Clarification board does not allow it either.

And another problem is that I only have a paper copy of the installation instructions (unless they're in the tarball) because I deleted all of the email between us. But you can look at the site for now and View Source should not be hidden. I'll scan the instruction email as a JPG and uplaod it to clarification board and will upload the tarball to mediafire and will post the link. But I got up in the middle of the night to do this (5:30 AM now) and willbe going back to sleep after posting this.

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