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*YOU MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH DATABASES, GEOCODING, ZIP CODE DATABASES, AND DISTANCE CALCULATORS. if you can not show me one of your sites using this in some way, dont bother bidding. Your bid PRICE MUST INCLUDE A FUNCTIONAL ZIP CODE AND RADIUS SEARCH FEATURE AS DESCRIBED BELOW IN THE PROJECT DETAILS. There are many ways to do this including subscription services and do-it-yourself methods. Further, codes and zip code databases are freely available on the web if you take the time to look.

If you do a good job on this, at a reasonable startup price, we will have a LONG TERM, profitable relationship. Currently, I have a 'prototype' website set up at HoustonTennisPlayers.com. It is incomplete and non-functional. It was a test site. There is a long term goal for this site(s) that will take up to 2 years to realize, so I need someone who sees the big picture. The better my startup price on this complex project, the more apt I will be to share the wealth down the road.

I need a gifted programmer (team) to create a masterpiece, and they will be paid well beyond our initial contracted amount. I need a team that will go above and beyond, and not nickel and dime me on each work item.

I want a redesigned homepage and website incorporating our logo, and with a much better feel to the registration and search features.

Below, you will find full details on what i need done. It is a big project, and will have a big payoff/bonus if you do a good job. I have already registered [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view], and i want them to be 'mirror' sites with only the different name and address. Price must include setting up these exact copies of [url removed, login to view]

Project Details-

[url removed, login to view]

Webpages Needed:

1) Homepage

2) Register/create PLAYER profile page

3) Register/create Lesson Provider profile page

4) Register court (create court profile) page

5) Register/create tennis club profile page

6) T-shirt page

7) Find players search page

8) Find courts search page

9) Find lessons search page

10) 'Find gear' page (i need to post text and pics of for sale items only, no ecommerce now, no search needed)

11) Mission Statement (About US) Page

12) Contact Us page

13) Online tennis lessons and workout page (where i can post text and pics)

14) View Tennis Calendar page

15) Submit 'Add event' request to Tennis Calendar page

16) Terms of Use page (legal disclaimer)

The way it works-

1) At its core,the website is a hassle-free way for the public to use the internet to find tennis players, tennis courts, and tennis lessons. There is no central clearinghouse for all this information available to them, particularly at a local level. The success depends very much on people being able to serach in and around their specified zip code. My research has clearly shown that people are using the internet, in big city markets, to find lessons and other tennis information (and spend money on tennis in general). We have no competition right now. This site has to be as truly great as the idea. You will make lots of money if you give me something that is absolutely professional and remarkable. Great function and feel and sleek looks. My logo needs to be somewhere. Each city's site will essentially be clones of the first (houston) site.

2)I need a real user-friendly feel to it. Sleek and simple, yet functional and aesthetically cool. very spam and ad free (now at least). I want ALL players and lesson providers to register with us initially with no thought that there may be money involved anywhere. almost like we are providing a community service. the money-makers for this are hidden behind the homepage, and built in to the design.

3) when someone submits a lesson search, can an automated email be sent to the lesson providers in their area regarding the new potential client with the lesson providers able to "opt out" of this feature

4) "code" all email addresses, so they are never visible to the public. so when they want to contact a player or lesson provider, they never directly see the personal email address of the person.

5) also we can not let adults search for kids and vice versa.

6) I need to have an interface to which i can enter and edit the entries in the databases and on the events calendar.

7) Down the road, I might only allow people to submit a tennis lesson inquiry and not actaully view the list of lesson providers. i will be the only one able to view the lesson providers, so i can act as the middle man in the transaction.

8)Find gear page must allow me to post pics of my racquets and other gear, enter a item description text and price. the only payment methods i will accpet initially is paypal and cash/check. ecommerce down the road. i just want to keep it simple.

9) let people have the option to upload 1 pic with their player, court, or lesson provider profile? is this too much?

10) online tennis lessons and workout page will be ongoing where i can add text and pics, maybe even imbedded video one day? also, im going to post lessons, so peopl3e should be able to access each directly by a link, instead of just one long page of them all.

11) mass email module where i can isolate my audience- players or lesson providers, or to everyone.

12) when a player is creating their profile, put a link for them to register any courts they know of in their area (maybe a popup link to court registration page?)

13) must be logged in to do anything

Houston Tennis [url removed, login to view] //logo// Grassroots Tennis For The People

The purpose of this site is to promote tennis and fitness in Houston. It is our goal to provide you an easy and hassle-free forum to find local tennis information such as players, courts, lessons, and events. Houston is one of the top tennis cities in America. I believe if people can find tennis in their area, they are more apt to play and be fit! We will never share your personal information or send tons of annoying emails. Any suggestions or feedback is greatly appreciated, as this is really YOUR site.

There is a grand scheme for this site and tennis in Houston, including sponsoring [url removed, login to view] mixers, tournaments, parties, tennis trips, club camp days, and eventually one day, a tennis academy right in the heart of Houston to develop our LOCAL talent.

Welcome to the clearinghouse for all local tennis information.

[url removed, login to view]

Ryan Hay, M.S.

Tennis Pro

organization and elements for [url removed, login to view]

Homepage with art identifying tennis and the specific market (ie- Houston, Dallas, Austin Tennis [url removed, login to view])

Logo by site name and our motto "(Grassroots) Tennis for the people"?

Homepage with login id and password fields... and link for new players to register to create their profile

Homepage with link to order [url removed, login to view] T-shirts

Homepage with Tabs for 1- find players (goes to search fields page for tennis players database serach)

2- find courts (goes to tennis court search fields page)

3- find lessons (goes to lesson inquiry search page)

4- find gear (goes to my 'simplified' e-store)

Homepage with link to 'online lessons, workouts, and practice guide' pages that I can update and add to over time my own text and pics.

Create Profile page with basic info. players can choose to show their age or not. address will not be visible, nor will phone number. nor will we REQUIRE too much person info. most info. can be summed up as male/female, age, skill level, and zip code!

search page with basic fields, but not too many mandatory fields besides zip code. defualt values should be considered.

must be logged in to search players or courts. if not logged in, direct to player registration page

find lesson page will contain several fields with only a few mandatory fields (zip code and email address). box for them to describe what they are looking for maybe, aside from their contact info?

once logged in, a player should be able to edit their profile info. and upload 1 pic

*Mass email module reguired. Ideally, I would like to be able to send mass emails to everyone, only players, and only lesson providers denoted from the database. In this way, I can isolate my audience, whether it is for the pros or the public.

*Find Gear page must allow me to post pics of items and text and prices. BIG selling point is that ALL my tennis rackets sold come with a FREE Tennis Lesson!!! Must be understood that I only accept paypal, cash, or check by mail AT THIS POINT, but ecommerce section will be more extensive later. Also, maybe have my T-shirt sells page link here too

when a player accesses their profile page, have the registered courts and clubs in their zip area automatically appear with their personal info

Link to logged in players 'view profile'

Report suspicious profiles and courts, etc. link

report problems and feedback page

Houston Tennis events calender with 'event submission' page that sends email for me to approve or not


easiest and best way to organize databases?

all zip codes can be searched from any of the metro sites?

all data organized by zip code only with a database field denoting whether it is a court, lesson, or player?

email sharing-

how much more to code email addresses and be the intermediary, for ppl that dont wish to share their email address online directly?

do not allow adults to search for children. junior players only find each other

Player profile creation with pop up link to register courts they know about in their area


...and website domains are already registered

what are you capable of?

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