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Charity Support Website

Charity support website needed to allow sponsors to donate money to very specific feedings of children in several locations of former Soviet Union.

This project is urgent, based on the description we estimate timeframe required as 5 full days. We offer the bonus of extra $20 for each day the project delivered before the deadline and subtract $20 from the payment for every day of delay. If you can't deliver the project within 5 days, please don't bid.


Front End. Idea is to allow a sponsor to pick exact location and date, donate the amount they wish, and display their name or "anonymous" next to their donation. Once a donation is made, the amount needed for that particular feeding should be reduced by the donation amount. This charity will record each feeding on video, and will post all videos to youtube. Then we must display the youtube videos on this website, and link them to the feeding that they belong.

Here is an example. Let's say there is a feeding that will take place on July 27th, 2008, in 205 Lenin Street, Saint Petersburg, Russia. Let's say that the feeding will be for 120 children, and each meal will cost $3. So we need $360 to make that feeding happen.

Let's say Joe donates $30 towards that feeding. Joe's name (or "anonymous" if he chooses to remain anonymous when he submits payment) is displayed, together with his donation amount of $30. We should have "Amount Needed: $360", "Amount Donated: $30", "We Still Need: $330". The process is repeated as more money is gathered, until "We Still Need" stays at 0.

1. The website will have five buttons: (Home, Future Feedings, Past Feedings, Contact Us, Donate).

I will provide text along with pictures and youtube video for the homepage later.

2. When clicking on Future Feedings, the person should see the list of feedings we need money for in the next 60 days. It should have 20 feedings per page, and if there is more, there should be more pages created. If the person wants to see more than 20 pages per page, he can choose a filter of 50, 100, or 250. There should be a filter that either shows "All Feedings", or "Feedings that need sponsors", or "Fully Sponsored Feedings". By default, it should display "All Feedings".

The list of feedings should be in table format, and the person should be able to sort each field in the table.

Column 1 (Date) Column 2 (Location) Column 3 (Number of Meals) Column 4 (Amount needed) Column 5 (Amount donated) Column 6 (Remaining Balance) Column 7 (Donate) Column 8 (More Info).

Only two of these fields should be clickable. The "Donate" should be clickable. The "More Info" should be clickable. When clicked on more info, the summary of all 7 columns should remain, but in addition to that, the list of sponsors that donated should be displayed, and there should be a list of completed feedings that were done for the same location before. AK, please make your own decision on how to do layout for the old list.

3. When clicking on Past Feedings, the person should see the list of feedings that happened in the past. The most recent feedings should come first, and there should be 20 of them per page, with choice filters of 50, 100, or 250. The Past Feedings table should have the following format:

Column 1 (YouTube Thumbnail) Column 2 (Date) 3 (Location) 4 (Number of Meals) 5 (Total Donated) 6 (More Info). Both the YouTube Thumbnail and More Info will go to the same page. On that page, it should have the summary of all other columns, in addition a list of sponsors and amounts each donated, and the full size youtube video that they can watch. Below that, it should also have a list of both future and past feedings for that location. A list of future feedings should come first, and be in a separate category than the list of past feedings for that location.

4. When clicking on Contact Us, there should be a standard Contact Us form, asking for their name, email, and comments box, plus the text verifcation box to avoid spam.

5. When clicking on Donate, it should have the following text:

We offer two ways to buy meals for children:

A. You can visit our Future Feedings section and make donations to specific feedings of your choice.

B. Or you can submit your donation by clicking the donate button below, and we will instantly apply your donation to the upcoming feedings that still need money.

Admin panel should allow us to add new feedings and edit the old ones, including date, address, number of children, cost of the meal per child, youtube video link.

Extra Info. If for some reason there are feedings that still have an open balance on the scheduled day, you can send them automatically into "Past Feedings" section, and the remaining balance sponsor should read as "Christian Bridge". That's the name of the charity covering the balance.

Also when a person fills out the donation form with their credit card, the minimum donation is the cost of one meal, and all donations must be divisible by that number. If the person puts an amount that's not divisible by that number, it should correct the amount to the lower amount divisible by it, so if a person puts in $20, and cost of meall is $3 it should correct it to $18, and give him a message: "Each meal costs $3, so all donations must be divisible by $3. We reduced your amount from $20 to $18 to fit this agenda."

When a person fills out the donation form, he should have a required field, which will ask him: "Under which name should we display your donation?"

I will provide information for merchant account integration.

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