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This Project Discription already exists at GFA but this is a different project (thx to buck)!

We own a large number of undeveloped (parked) adult domains. These domains SHOULD be generating income but are not.

We are looking for someone to develop 1 (one) of the domains and if successful, they will be awarded additional projects.

The domain can be developed by any or all of the following methods:

- optimizing the domain for search and monetization on SEDO in order to bring in income from the SEDO parking service beyond what it is currently bringing in while it is non-optimized;

- Setting the domain up in adult affiliate programs;

- Setting up hosted adult TGP sites on my domain;

- Using links and SEO to drive paying traffic to the site;

- Setting up advertising on the site;

- Setting up webcam, chat, and/or dating services;

- Other techniques as suggested by you and approved by me.

- I have no set criteria on what the site should look like or how it should perform - only that it generate the revenue it should be generating.

- You must not use any fraudulent techniques to generate revenue nor may you use any techniques which violate the terms of the service providers you use to generate the domain's revenue. You also may not use, install, store, transfer, or propagate any software or code that could be reasonably described as a virus, trojan, malware, bot/botnet, or exploit, or exhibits the characteristics of one or more of these. All activities must be LEGAL.

You must provide me with detailed instructions on how to set up whatever financial arrangements need to be made for accepting the various sources of revenue generated by the site.

You will be allowed/provided with access to whatever reporting you need to monitor the status of your work and to verify the revenue generated.

In order to facilitate these arrangements, it would be best to use techniques that allow us to set up various levels of access -

I would be set up as the "MASTER" user or "ADMIN" user and you would be set up as a "USER" or "CONTRACTOR" or "EXECUTIVE" or some other user level just below MASTER ADMIN in order for you to be able to do the work that must be done but also for me to retain ultimate ownership and control of the domain and website.

All content/affiliations/TGP etc should (for the most part) be related to the theme established by the domain name used. (My domain names are descriptive and indicate in general the type of content to be expected by a visitor to the site.) Performance of the site (generating revenue) is more important than theme - if it's doing what it should be doing, then I don't care about the theme.

THIS IS AN ADULT DOMAIN RELATED PROJECT - You MUST be comfortable working with, and viewing adult content.


The project is "complete" when the domain has generated a monthly revenue EQUAL TO OR GREATER THAN YOUR BID AMOUNT for 2 consecutive months, or, when the total amount of revenue generated by the domain equals 2 times your bid amount, whichever comes first. At that time you will be paid in full, 100% of your bid amount.


For every month thereafter that the monthly revenue equals or exceeds your bid amount, for a total period of 12 months from the time the project is deemed "complete", you will receive payment in the amount of 30% of your bid amount. (You will be allowed continued access to revenue reporting for this period of time.)


You may bid ANY amount for this project. There is no bid maximum or minimum. Your confidence in your work will guide you to bid what you feel is realistic due to the criteria for establishing the completion of the project and when you will get paid.

- You must be able to provide a plan and timeline for the work you will do with expected results/milestones.

- You must be able to show examples of similar work you have done recently.


- You MUST begin your bid with the word "PIZZA" in order for your bid to be considered.

- If you do not begin your bid with this word, no matter how good you are at what you do, I will not look at the bid. I will not waste my time with generic bids. It is OK if English is not your first language as long as you can get your ideas across to me and we can communicate effectively with each other and as long as you can follow instructions (such as "you MUST begin your bid with the word "PIZZA"). If you can't follow that simple instruction, I have no interest in working with you.

I really hope to find someone who knows what they're doing, works fast and effectively, and wishes to build an ongoing relationship. That is why I've added the ongoing compensation feature. Hopefully this will interest someone interested in growing a prosperous business together.

Please contact me through this site with any questions you may have.

Thank you,


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