1. Cost-oriented design goals. · From the CWK1 select network design which is the cheapest. Document in the Report which designs are selected and comment on differences with others of the same size. · With the help of NAM Editor create network topology for this design. Try to place nodes as precise as possible in order to match the designs obtained in CWK1. · Set Links parameters according to the results from CWK1. Set different Delays for each link using actual distances and AVE_LINK_DEL as a guidance and applying +/- 50% variation (i.e. if AVE_LINK_DEL =10ms then values can be between 5ms and 15ms). Set larger delays to longer links and smaller to shorter. Try to keep average as close to AVE_LINK_DEL as possible. · Create end-to-end transport connections on each model. Create 10 connections which are visually crossing the "middle area" of the network. Use both TCP and UDP protocols. 2. Reliability-oriented design goals. · Similarly to pt. 1 above choose network design with highest Reliability. Document in the Report which design is selected and comment on differences with others of the same size. · Repeat model, connections and traffic creation steps as above. Apply corresponding values of AVE_LINK_DEL but the same transport and traffic parameters. · Run model with Network simulator. Debug eventual errors. Observe simulations with Network Animator. Are there any nodes where can be noticed high queues and frequent drops of packets? Explain reasons in the report. 3. Compare results of the Cost-oriented and Reliability oriented designs. How much different is statistics of critical parameters? 4. Performance-oriented design goals. · Choose one of the models above which has the largest dropped packets ratio. Which model is it? Are there any particular critical links/nodes? · Keep the same transport connections and traffic rates. Experiment with model by adjusting parameters. Which parameter has to be changed in order to reduce drop rate? · Run models after each change and observe statistics. Document drop rate for each run. · Repeat until drop-free model is received. What is final value of changed parameter? Produce diagram of drop rate against changing Parameter. CW1 WILL BE PROVIDED FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE

## Deliverables

1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. : Cost-oriented design goals (experimental data in a form of tables&diagrams+discussions+Section conclusions) · Section 2: Reliability-oriented design goals (experimental data in a form of tables&diagrams+discussions+Section conclusions). · Section 3: Comparison of Cost-oriented and Reliability-oriented designs. · Section 4: Performance-oriented design goals. (experimental data in a form of tables&diagrams+discussions+Section conclusions). · Conclusions (for the whole CW2 summarising learning experience and observations from Sections 1-4) · References (bibliographical description of all the sources used for writing the theory/discussions in Sections 1,2 and 3) · All the model files (i.e. *.ns, *.tcl) as well as all Excel files used for producing diagrams for the report.

## Platform

Unix terminals, tools ns-2 and nam, tools for extracting statistical information. MICROSOFT WORD. Models for Network Simulator has to be produced with the help of Editor which is a part of nam.

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