Computer Telephone Answering Application

The project entails writing a Windows XT and Vista compatible program that will perform the following functions via a PC connected to a USB fax modem (or a similar device):

1. When the phone rings, an icon in the icon tray will flash.

2. When the user clicks the icon, the software will answer the phone, connect the phone line to the user's computer speakers, and play over the computer speakers and the telephone line an MP3 file we supply, File 0. The computer's microphone will be disconnected, so that the caller will not hear the user of the computer, but the user of the computer will hear the caller.

3. A menu will automatically be displayed on the user's screen displaying each of 9 titles from each of 9 MP3 files (file 1 through file 9), plus a "connect" icon and a "disconnect" icon. Each phrase and the disconnect displayed on a different line on the screen. The phone line remains connected to the computer user's speakers so that the user can hear the caller talking through the computer speakers.

4. If the user clicks one of the nine titles, an MP3 file we supply corresponding to that title is played over the user's speakers and over the phone line. So if the user selects title 1, file 1 is played. If the user selects title 9, file 9 is played. No audible clicks or pops should be provided before or after the file is played to the caller over the phone line. The audio should not be distorted when heard on the speakers or the phone line. A volume control should be provided to allow the playback volume over the phone line to be adjusted.

5. The menu remains displayed, the phone line continues to be connected to the user's speakers, and the user can repeat step 4, selecting the same or a different phrase until the user clicks the disconnect icon, at which point the fax modem disconnects from from the telephone line, the menu is no longer displayed, and the system goes back to monitoring the phone line for ringing at step 1.

6. If the user presses the "connect" icon, the computer speakers and microphone will be connected to the phone line so that the computer user can talk to and hear the caller. The computer user may disconnect the call by pressing the disconnect icon.

You will assign all right title and interest in and to the program to us. It will be provided with installation capabilities and uninstall capabilities, free from any spyware or viruses. Payment and part payment is not provided in advance - payment is provided for the working program, a specification of the locations for MP3 files 0-9 and a specification of the modem. The modem should be available at the U.S. site of [url removed, login to view], preferably a US robotics brand modem.

Evner: .NET, AJAX, Javascript, PHP, Software Arkitektur

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