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eshop with cron reporting

I need you to show me a demo which you have done with backend for me to try.

I also need u to tell me if you are modifying a freeware script like oscommerce or zen cart or creating from something you done yourself.

I need a demo of my eshop by 6th Dec. This demo CAN be text only, to show the proposed workings of the site. Images can be added after 6th, but for 6th, I need to be able to add products, add categories etc, as much as features described below as possible.

Budget is around $1000 for this project.

Will close auction by end of today as 6th is very near.

Project Scope

We need an online shop for collector toys sales. however, the needs are quite different. Important to complete script first (we are linux host and mysql dbase) for client testing before the "look" and graphic part is added in. Or they can go together if you wish.

The toy shop has 3000 plus customers. There is a preorder system for people to place preorder on just to be released toys, normal order system, and wholesaler system.

Preorder: Client takes pre-orders before he brings in stock. E.g. ToyA needs minimum 10 units for him to bring stock in, so he will post up on shop, with a counter of 10 units. Users interested will login, preorder 1 unit, until all units are out and display will show "0" units left and no more pre-orders. There will also be a closing date e.g. 5 Dec 2006. If he posts up on 1st Dec 2006, EVERYDAY, the system will do a cron job report and send him a report via EMAIL, a list of items that is on preorder, the customer that has preordered and how many units left. Until 6 Dec, this item will be purged from his pre-order and report. He can also choose to "Generate Report" as and when he wants, to check on the order status, this will gather results immediately and send report to his email.

E.g. The report might have

4 Dec 2006 Pre-order Report

ToyA: 10 units for preorder, 8 units left

1. Alvin King, [url removed, login to view], +6595656565

2. Jimmy Craig, [url removed, login to view], +6526565656

ToyB: 5 unit for preorder etc etc

Order: Some items will already be in stock, so he can post up images, write description, add pricing, weight, cost (in SGD$) and with a currency conversion tool for other currencies. When user choses items, adds to cart, check out, choose "Pickup, or Paypal". A formulae will be given to calculate shipping costs for various countries and this will tabulate final figure and bounce out to Paypal Payment. Once Paypal transaction is done, the receipt and email of shopping list will be sent to shop's sales order email. For Pickup, the Shop will then follow up on sales order email and call customer to collect etc.

Wholesaler: Shop does wholesale also, but wholesale items CANNOT be viewed by normal customers. So during the user signup process, those that click "I'm a wholesaler", will be routed to shop staff for manual authorisation. Shop staff can go into admin panel, and approve those that signup as wholesaler by checking their background information. Wholesalers who log in can then view another set of goods for wholesalers only. Items are also pre-ordered, so they can pre-order and at the end of the day, a wholesaler report is generated and emailed to shop staff. Similarly, when closing date is over, the item is purged from the email report list.

User: can signup, with a unique login name, and view items. They can place order, which adds items to shopping cart, calculate shipping charges and check out. They can use Paypal or pickup.

For customers that choose some items for pre order and some items for purchase, the backend must send the shopping cart pre-order items to preorder report and other in stock items to the sales order email.

Admin: Must be able to upload image / images, enter short description of item, item units, cost, weight in kg, create item category, sub catagory and sub sub catagory if required, assign item to one of the category or more e.g.

Transformers - 12" or 24", and assign brand e.g. Mattel

So that user can search via toy or via size or via manufacturer company.

Admin can then assign if goods is preorder, order or wholesale, remeber other users can't see wholesale products only wholesaler user group.

In the home page, there should be 2 sets of items shown, preorder and order - see [url removed, login to view] for example. See they have 2 sets of images.

For wholesaler, they will see 3 image groups, an extra wholesale item group above preorder and in stock.

The images have to be in similar tabled format and each time a newer item is added, the last item on the list will be pushed out to next page click.

If you need more clarifications, please email PM me.

Also do show me a few online shops you have done. Do not mass cut and paste as I will not entertain such bids.

I am open to using free scripts out in the market but they have to be able to be skinned so that they don't look like every other eshops look.

Here are some suggestions for mailing list software:

Dada: [url removed, login to view]

PHPList: [url removed, login to view]

Either should work fine as long as it is installed correctly and setup. You would also need to use the metering functionality in order to make sure you do not trip the mailing protections on the server.

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