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I want to make a custom store to replace my current setup. Visit [url removed, login to view] to get an idea of the current setup. The point of the website is to sell lecture notes. The following features are required:

1. easy sign up to make your "own store."

1a. you can upload your digital documents in word format and the server will convert to pdf adding a message either as a cover page or as a header/footer (once you accept the project i will tell you the message.

1b. The seller will be able to create categories if they do not already exist. (only classes with in a school. the programmer will need to setup categories for the major US universities. Teachers and classes do not need to be setup, but should be easily created by the seller as necessary). These categories that are created can be used by other sellers when they upload their notes.

2. All products from all sellers will be accessable through the main page. There is no clear division between stores--ie the digital media all appear to come from the same place. The broswer will be able to search the store by "seller" and by categories.

3. Affiliate program: each seller will recieve an affiliate link. They will recieve 10% of all sales they generate for the other sellers on the website (example: if person A visit the website as a result of Seller X's notes and decides to buy person As notes and person Bs notes they will recieve 10% from the sale of person B).

4. All sellers will be charged a 20% fee by the "mall" (ie website) for every sale they make. (this will be the fee to have their website hosted).

4a. The seller may choose to pay a yearly fee and avoid the commision fee (i would like this option implemented)

5. The ability to transmit digital media upon payment recieved via paypal.

6. All affiliate sales/commissions should be made through paypal.

7. The website should be seo friendly

8. The seller can have individual cupon codes (ie codes only work for Person A not B's notes). The seller can make their own price.

9. The shopping cart should charge the following tax (2.99% + .33 cents of the total order) [and the tax should say "Paypal Fee".

10. Trouble ticket system (each note taker should be resonsible for their own tickets.. i e person As notes should have their own trouble ticket).

11. A news page (that automatically updates every 24 hours displaying the most recent notes added and linking to them).

I hope what i am reqesting makes sence. If you are confused in anyway please message me for clarification.

I have the following scripts at my disposal: sunshop 3.5, idevaffiliate, and trouble ticket software programs that come in fantastico.

As to the design: you can keep the current design or propose a new one (quote me a fee and a mockup if you wish to make a new design).


Basicly, i want this website to run "automatically." Right now, if i get a new note taker i have to take the time to make the appropriate categories: create the university --> class --> teacher --> semester. I want this to be accomplished by the "store owner." If the class and university exist, then they should be able to add their teacher and term to that existing category, if it doesn't exist they should be able to create that category (which other users can use when the time comes to add those products). Does that make sence?

I suppose you could call this a "mall." All products should appear as if they are from one place, not "person A's store, person B's store." They are all "the stores products". This is how it should appear on the home page. BUT, i do want the option for a browser to search the store by notetaker if they so wish. So the search option should include the ability to browse by note taker. The regular sstem of browsing files should be: browse by university, by class, by teacher, etc. Make sence?

#3 The affiliate program
Each person that sets up a store should get an affiliate link to the main store which will track all referrals they generate to the store. WHen a person visits the store via their referral link, that affiliate will receive 10% of all sales generated from that referral from anyone elses store. Example: if A sends a person to the store who buys person A's notes and also person B, they will recieve a 10% commission on the sale of person B and 100% commission on the sale of their own notes. End result: everyone is promoting the sale of everyone else's products. Make sence?

"My commission". this points deals with how i will generate a revenue. I want the site set up where i get 20% of all sales made by anyone. If an affiliate make the sale, their 10% commission comes from my 20% (so its like we split the sale 50/50), Does that make sence?

I forgot to mention the following things:
1. I will need all the products currently listed on my store to be transfered to the new script built by you.
2. Mock up design for the new store (if you want to include a redesign in your bid). If i love the mock up i will want a new design (other wise i will stick with my current template).

Final Features:
Sorry for the constant updates.

The bid should also included the following features:
1. A simple classified ads section were people can buy and sell their old text books, rent apartments, etc.. not via the store
2. A rating system (ie when person A buys notes from seller Z, they can leave feed back ie "those were great notes" and leave x out of 5 stars)
3. product recommendation feature: ie when a person A adds notes to their basket from seller Z, there will be a list of recommendations for the rest of the notes for that class (PM me if you need clarification).

4 (picky details). I will want the following master category scheme

university --> class (ie SOC 315) --> Teacher --> Semester --> Section #

if a seller wants to upload notes, but the category isn't already created, they should be able to create it following that sequence (drop down menus until there is no category) and then they can in put the appropriate information (following the above format). The browsing of files can be through all of the above categories in addition to "by seller". (PM me if more clarificaiton is needed).

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