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We need an expert at Siebel CRM On Demand service. We have recently created a user with this famous CRM and we need to set it up correctly by someone who knows well this CRM. www.crmondemand.com. I do not want you to bid or send me a message if you don't know this CRM and know how to do this or will learn doing it for me. I would like that you know what this CRM is about and how to set it up as I need it and give me tips on how to do things better.

we have seen that it's not difficult to change layout, add new fields, import database, in fact in the demo we added new fields and imported database, but we need someone with experience with it to make it as I want more or less.

Let me explain what the reason we got a CRM and what we have in mind for my business and you can tell me if you can accommodate layout and add fields to it so that we have a usable CRM as I need it:

we need to import a database of a few thousand potential clients. For more than a half of these clients we have emails to send an email marketing with Siebel CRM and track results for as many campaigns as we want. Importing is not a problem, the thing is that we need to add a new layout with new fields to the Leads tab, like: number of accommodations client has, list of these accommodations (they are in a relational database linked to the main id), sources from these accommodations (they are also in a relational database linked to the main source id), contact name of owner, 2 phones numbers, 2 mobile numbers, 2 emails, dropdown with my country's provinces (so that when I import them the province is selected in the dropdown for later searching and filtering) a few tick boxes that will tell us if it belongs to some sites, and a couple of other fields, well organized in the layout.

We need to send an email campaign to those that have email and start calling all those that have no emails first, and secondly those that do not reply to these emails or bounced for any reason. So we need that all entries we import are into the leads tabs, and we need to tell the CRM that we want to call leads, but starting from those that have no emails, followed by those that did not reply to the email. we need to create “territories” and add certain provinces to each of these territories, and automatically those entries from those provinces will belong to that territory, for further filtering.

CALLS: we need 1-2 call scripts. we have the questions we would like to ask, if they are free text, tick boxes like yes/no, or a dropdown. When we call a client, we want to grab this info from the calls, create a new call if person does not reply or was not there at the moment, grab info from the business, people we talked to, etc. we have the scripts, we just need to add them properly and that this data is added to new fields in the layout for the lead.

The idea is that we sign in Siebel CRM and we start calling one by one easily, grab information in the call, create or postpone a new call if we have to. Next day, we'll first show the urgent calls for that day (filtered by territories if possible) and then continue calling the territories we have preference for.

Once we call them, we should be email to easily send him a prepared email template with links to our site and an attached document with some kind of contract.

Once we have info from a call, this will become an opportunity of business for us. So, this lead will be an opportunity.

ONLINE FORMS SYNCHONIZATION: We also need to somehow synchronize our online subscription forms so that when a new user is signing up with an email, any of the land line phones, mobiles or faxes, our CRM detects that that client has signed up with us, and tick that ID or client in our CRM as “Client Signed Up: yes/no”. If the telephone numbers or emails do not exist, we should tell Siebel CRM to add a new contact (not a lead), because it's already a client for having signed up with our site.

This is more or less what we need in an easy way to work with, apart from some reports where we know how many new leads/contacts we created, and calls made each day for the territories.

Are you an expert with Siebel CRM and could do this? If so, please send me a personal message, your bid and how long it would take you to do this. We want to start the 12th of February 2007.

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