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I need a site made. I'll pay $125-$175 for this work. Must be done in 2 weeks. It needs to be done in Drupal 6

For the plugin part I believer there are 2 options

1.) [url removed, login to view]

2.) [url removed, login to view]

What is Anta(remove_this)[url removed, login to view]

Ant(remove_this)[url removed, login to view] will be a site where users will be able to sing songs remotely and play the game of Antakshari. This is a game mostly played by Indians singing Hindi songs. So one singer starts with one song and he can end it at any time by singing a few verses. The second singer starts a new song that starts with the last alphabet of the first song.

So for example, if the first song ends like this “You are my sunshine.” Then the second singer has to start with a sing that starts with a N. Let's say he finishes his song like this “You are my love, my only love”. Then the 1st guy starts a song that begins with the letter V. Let's say the 1st guy cannot remember a song that starts with V within the allocated time, the 2nd guy gets a chance to sing it. If he does, then the 2nd guy gets 1 point. And it goes on until they decide when to stop.

What are the main features?

So 2 people can compete with one another or two groups can compete with each other. Users will be able to use a timer and assign points to the winners. Users can join the singing only if their camera is on so that all the singers can be seen singing live.

What technologies to use?

Same technology used by Cha(remove_this)troulette.com. Here is a link to the Flash technology used. [url removed, login to view](remove_this)troulette?q=chatroule

[url removed, login to view](remove_this)[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view](remove_this)troulette-afford-7-Adobe-Flash-Media-Servers

Who will visit the site?

Signup will be done only via Facebook Connect. Almost all users will be young Indians from all over the world.


To start with, there will be no monetization. So no need for shopping cart

Web Design

You will do the design.


I would like the website to be up and ready within 2 weeks.


Please use Wordpress to create the site. And P2P Flash for the real time video chat

Page 1


Please create a logo using just a unique font and red color

Banner Ad

Banner ad on top. I should be able to use Google Adsense or create my own ad from admin section by uploading a logo and adding my own text.


This should be rotating text (multiple text messages that go one after another). Give me ability to change text from admin section


This should also be rotating pictures. Give me ability to change pictures from admin. Also give me an ability to post a Google global map showing where all of the users of antakshari are coming from.

Connect with Facebook

This is the only way to sign up. Once user clicks on this button, look at Page 6 of my attached drawings. First users have to “Like” Ant(remove_this)[url removed, login to view], then they have to “Share” Ant(remove_this)[url removed, login to view] with all their friends. Only then they are able to sign up the first time. Once they sign up, they should be able to sign in using their email address and password thereon.


You can use this code from soci(remove_this)[url removed, login to view] which allows people to share the site with their friends:

<script type="text/javascript" src="[url removed, login to view]"></script><a class="st-taf" href="[url removed, login to view]" onclick="return false;" style="border:0;padding:0;margin:0;"><img alt="SocialTwist Tell-a-Friend" style="border:0;padding:0;margin:0;" src="[url removed, login to view]" onmouseout="[url removed, login to view](this)" onmouseover="[url removed, login to view](this, '2010110546688', [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view])" onclick="[url removed, login to view](this, {id:'2010110546688', link: [url removed, login to view], title: [url removed, login to view] });"/></a>

Recent Users

At the bottom of the page, show facebook pictures of all the recent users of the site similar to [url removed, login to view]

Bottom Line


I will send you the text shortly


I will send you the text shortly

Contact Us

Just a box asking for their email address and message

Follow Us on Facebook, Twitter

I will create a Facebook and Twitter account for ant(remove_this)akshari and send you the links


Please report any illegal behavior immediately. We have zero tolerance for people misusing the site. We will immediately ban people from the site that do not follow our Terms and Conditions for use of the site.


Name of the person being reported

Please explain in detail

User goes to page 7 from this page if he signs up as a new account. If he is already signed in, he goes to Page 2.

Page 7

As soon as a person is sign up, he should be taken to Page 7. Page 7 gives an opportunity for the user to invite his Facebook friends to join antakshari.co. There should be a skip button in case they do not want to invite their friends or want to invite them later.

User goes to Page 2 after this page.

Page 2

This page will show the number of rooms currently occupied by singers. Each box will show photos of both the singers. A new user can click on any of the boxes and “watch” the two people or two groups sing to each other. If only one singer is in any box, that means the new user can send him a message asking him if he can sing along with him. If he accepts, then the user becomes the second singer in that box. We need to show all the boxes that are filled by at least one singer plus ONE new box that is empty so a new user can join that box. As soon as the new user joins an empty box, he is shown all his friends that are online and he can invite any one of them to come sing with him. At the same time, he can also get a request from a new user to sing with him which he can accept or refuse.

As soon as the new user joins an open box, a new open box is created for another new user to come and join.

Also a signed in user will see at the right top of the page:

Welcome John

My Account (Page 4)



If user has any messages, a red dot will show how many messages that person has. Upon clicking of messages, it will take him to Page 4 which will display all his messages.

Upon clicking any box in Page 2, will take you to Page 3.

Page 3

This is a page where the actual singing takes place between two people or two groups of people. When two people agree to sing, the competition starts. As new users come to watch them sing, the visitors can request to be part of one of the two groups. If a visitor is accepted as a group member, he is moved up the slot. Visitors are shown only by their facebook picture shots. However, singers and group members are shown in live video. So a user can become a singer or a group member ONLY if his video camera is on and his video can be seen online. If his video camera is not on, he cannot become a singer or a group member.

Members of each group can send group messages (only to their group). Also both the singers can send messages to each other which will be seen by members of both the groups.

Each singer has control of a timer for the other team. The timer on both sides is set for 1 minute from the time the other singer starts it. The timer can be reset any number of times. Once the 1 minute is up and a team has lost, each party can change the point of the other party. So to summarize, a singer can control the timer and points of the other singer and vice versa.

Each picture of the singer and group member will have a Follow button. So anyone can follow anyone.

Page 4

Upon clicking My Account at the top right of any page, will take you to Page 4. Page 4 will have a picture of yourself and pictures of several friends they can invite to antakshari.

Also it will have a list of all the songs you have sung (stored songs)

It will have a list of all the points you have earned.

It will have a list of people you are following.

And you should be able to send and receive messages from this page.

Page 5 (Admin Section)

I should be able to control the following pages from the Admin section:

Front Page:

Banner Ad. I should be able to put in Google Adsense code which should generate google ads automatically.

Also, if I wanted to put ads of my other properties (like homecookedmeal), then let me put in a logo and any message I want in that space from this admin page.

Photograph. I should be able to change photographs on the front page. If I put multiple photographs, it should show them one after another. Also, I would like sometimes to put the Google global map showing all the customers to my site. I should be able to do that just by changing one button in Admin.

Text. . I should be able to change text on the front page. If I put multiple text messages, it should show them one after another.


I should be able to delete and/or ban any users on the site.

I should be able to send messages to any users on the site.

I should be able to see the number of users I am getting daily/weekly/monthly

Google Analytics:

I would like to have Google Analytics integrated in the site.


I should be able to create and send emails to all the users on my site.

Couple links related to Ant(remove_this)akshadi technology that you will be plugging and programming into the site.

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

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