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Interactive Task / To Do List Website

Copyright 2008 Creative Marketing Materials, LLC. All rights reserved.

PLEASE SEE images attached FIRST,

Please Review The Images included FIRST, then read this description.

Your payment and/or ad revenue royalties will be made by Creative Marketing Materials, LLC based in Orlando, FL.

This content and Idea is copyrighted by Creative Marketing Materials, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

===== BASIC INFO =====

This script will be installed on a Linux hosted server at [url removed, login to view] running on php and mysql 4.0 or 5.0 (you can choose which one). Please include an installer to set up the mysql tables.

This script will be available online for anyone who wants to easily keep track of their To Do List and other tasks.

The [about |investors|advertise|contact] pages should all just have the line "Testing, ready for content" in them.

NO ADMIN Account needed, just remember on the About page, to include some code that shows the Number of members signed up.

===== TO DO LIST =====

Check Icon should appear right next to (at the end of) the task name. And the remove icon should appear further away.

Max characters for Task is 250.

Max amount of tasks in to do list = 200.

Max amount of tasks in Done list = 200.

Example: A user creates 200 Tasks in the To Do Section, if he tries to create more, a javascript window will pop up telling him to Check off some tasks before adding more. The user then checks off all 200 tasks 1 by 1 and eventually has 200 completed tasks in the Done Section. He then adds 200 more to his To Do Section. If his Done section is filled with 200, the script will automatically start deleting tasks beginning with the first ones put into the done section. A pop up javascript window will warn the user of this.

High Priority tasks are always at the top and are blue, but are still sorted Alphabetically.

===== JOURNAL =====

The Journal will only keep 7 days of Tasks in it's record, the rest will be deleted automatically. A [url removed, login to view] file should allow us to change the number of days archived in the journal.


Once a user is logged in, the [log in | sign up] link at the top right will turn into [my account | log out]. When a user clicks on [my account] It will give them options to change their password or delete their account or change their time zone by typing in what time it is in their area. To delete their account or change their password they must confirm their current password. Clicking on [log out] will simply log them out and clear the cookie that enables them to stay logged in automatically.

===== ADVERTISING =====

This site will have Advertising, every _ minutes (this will be set in a [url removed, login to view] file or something similar) an ad will pop up in the middle of the page using Facebox ([url removed, login to view]) clicking on the add should open the link in another window.

===== SECURITY =====

Great care must be taken to prevent hackers from stealing e-mail addresses, passwords, and breaking into the database or deleting it. Do the best you can to encrypt and store this information.

All input needs to be filtered from any malicious code to prevent MySQl Injection hacks.

Max Characters allowed for a task is 250

===== MAINTENANCE ====

If a user does not visit their account in 30 days the script will send them an e-mail telling them their account will be deleted in 30 days unless they log in. 30 days after that email is sent, if they don't log in their account is deleted.

===== COMMENTS =====

Please put simple comments into the code (css, xhtml, php), for later possible customization.


If we ever need to hire someone for maintenance or to upgrade the script, you will be the first person we contact. You will always get paid for your work as well.


Flash, Php, Javascript, Ruby on Rails? It's up to you to determine what the best way is to develop this script with minimal security threats and minimal file sizes. If you know a Better idea of how something should be done then please let me know.

We will be using Google Analytics so please use some kind of template system that will allow Google Analytics to work properly.

When user clicks inside of a text box (such as the log in, password textbox) the description inside the box should disappear so that they don’t have to highlight it and delete it.

At 12 Midnight on every users account, the script should remove their Completed tasks for that day and place them in the Journal under the appropriate date.

Because different users are in different time zones, You might need to add an extra box during sign up that asks the user "what time is it?" so that the script can determine what their time zone is and when to remove their completed tasks and put them into the Journal.

When users CHECK a task in the TO DO SECTION, it is moved to the DONE SECTION, however they may still want to remove the task completely and prevent it from going into the Journal, please ADD a Remove Icon next to each Completed task.

If a guest is already using the task list and then decides to sign up, the script should save their current list. Only visitors that have signed up and are members can click on the journal tab, guests who click will have a javascript window pop up and tell them they need to sign up in order for their tasks to be saved to the journal.

===== END =====

If you have any questions or something isn't clear, I'll give the winner our phone number and e-mail so we can answer any questions you may have, as well as send more samples.

We will contact you with any bugs or glitches.


It's up to you to decide what the best way of doing this is. Flash/Ajax/Ruby on Rails/etc...

Evner: AJAX, PHP, Ruby on Rails

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