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Project Summary:


The project is for the development of a classifieds website specializing in automobiles and other modes of transportation. Examples of existing sites in the same market: [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view]

It is target towards the middle east market, therefore it needs to support multiple languages (specifically English and Arabic). The primary purpose of the site is to allow quick, efficient and accurate searches of the listings database. Therefore, particular attention should be given to the front end rendering of the site. Use of an efficient template engine and caching mechanism should be used to ensure quick response from the system to queries.

Properties of the project in general:

- Public Actions

- Browse Site

- View Listings

- Search

- Sign Up for Mailing Lists

- Dual Language (Arabic/English)

Development Environment Restrictions:


The system MUST use, at a minimum:

1. An external, recognized, open source SQL abstraction library

2. An external, recognized, open source template engine WITH CACHING

3. An external, recognized, open source AJAX framework

Recommended stacks:

PHP5.x + Symfony (or Zend Framework) + MySQL 5.x

Python (2.4+) + CherryPy, Pylons, Django + SQLAlchemy + MySQL 5.x

The production environment supports:

1. MySQL 5.x+

2. PHP 5.x+

3. Python (minimum 2.4, 2.5 may be available)

4. Apache 2.x+ with mod_python and PHP enabled as CGI

6. Linux-based operating system

Custom libraries/binaries/bindings may be enabled on a case-by-case basis. If external licenses are required for components, these can be discussed at project award.

A subversion server will be provided to which commits must be made for review.



The system should be provided with complete source (including image source files), documentation for installation and documentation for translation.

System Components:


The system is divided into the following components:

1. Administration Section

2. Listing Management

3. User Management

4. Advertisement Management

5. Mailing List Management

6. Transaction Management

7. Content Management

8. B2B Services

Listing Management


The system is to manage listing for the following:

1. Automobiles

2. Motorbikes

3. Boats

Each listing will have these common features:

1. Maximum of 8 pictures per listing - this is controlled by various listing packages (described below)

2. Title

3. Description (free text)

4. Seller Name

5. Seller Phone

6. Seller Email

7. Main Category (one of Auto, Motorbikes, Boats)

8. Multiple Sub-Categories (depending on listing type)

9. Fixed fields per listing type; example ("transmission", "cylinders" for cars)

10. Country

Object specific fields:







Cylinders (3,4,5,6,8,12)

Type (Convertible, Coupe, Sedan)







Type (Touring, Track, Race)






Number of Outboard Motors

Type of Outboard Motors



A listing will be part of one of the following packages:

- Basic Listing

- One Image

- All description fields

- Listed until sold

- Premium Listing

- As Basic plus:

- 1 month as 'featured' on the main page

- Ultra Listing

- As Basic plus:

- 8 pictures per listing

Listing Rules:


All listings are displayed until marked as 'sold' by the lister or admin.

Sold listings are shown with a 'sold' watermark for 90 days on the site before being removed from the database.

A batch purchase of 5 listings entitles the user to one free listing of the same type.

User Management


User management involves management of the user object, which has the following properties:

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Mobile Number





The admin shall be able to add/edit/suspend/delete users. A user marked as suspended is no longer allowed to add new listing. In addition to the above fields, the admin shall be able to create a user role and define actions for that user role. Sample roles include:

1. Guest/Anonymous

- Browse listings

- Search listings

- Subscribe to mailing lists

- Request manual search this feature allows the user to fill out a form requesting a manual (human) search of the database.

2. Registered User

- All permissions for Guest role plus:

- May post listing

- Mark listing as sold

- Online profile page / shopping history

- Access to messaging system

- Reset Password

3. Company Listing Representative

- All permissions of Guest role plus:

- May add services to their catalog

- May update their company information/service profile

- May renew their subscription

4. Listing Admin

- Approve listings

- Suspend listings

- Edit listings

- Upgrade / Downgrade listings

- Mark listings as 'sold'

- Reset password

- Respond to listing search requests

5. Site Admin

- All actions of Listing Admin plus:

- Can administer users

- Add

- Registered User

- Listing Admin

- Reset Registered User password

- Reset Listing Admin Password

- Edit

- Suspend

- Reset Password

- Advertising Management

- Create new ads

- Suspend ads

- Create / Update content using the CMS

- Send Emails to Mailing List Subscribers

6. Super Admin

- All features of Site Admin plus:

- Create Site Admins / Listing Admins / Super Admins / Company Listing Reps

- View transaction logs / history

- View site logs and audit reports

- Adjust pricing on listing packages

- Delete / Suspend users

Advertising Management


Ads management is very simple with the following features:

1. Single placement of ads per rotation - once an Ad slot is bought, it cannot be sold again for the same period.

2. Click tracking

3. Ads per listing category

4. Ads per country

5. Support for Flash ads

6. Usage reports (click through reports)

7. Automatic suspension of ads and replacement with 'generic' ads.

An Ad object has these fields:

Client Name

Client Phone Number

Ad Name

Ad Target (Link)




Ad Publish Date

Ad Suspend Date

Mailing List Management


This module allows the management to send predefined templetized emails to subscribed users. It must provide the following features:

1. Support for HTML emails

2. Support for UTF-8

3. Batch processing of outbound emails

4. Unsubscribe link in each email

5. Multiple mailing lists

6. Filtering of users based on lists (ie, all guest users subscribed to list A)

7. Campaign Management - A campaign consists of:

1. User Group

2. Mailing List(s)

3. Start Date

Transaction Management


A transaction is defined as any process that requires payment from the end user. In this application's scope, a transaction is when a registered user

purchases a listing package as defined above.

The Super Admin role has the ability to manage transactions; this includes the following:

1. View snapshot of current transactions

2. View historic reports on transactions (month, three months, 6 months, year)

3. Download transaction report as CSV, PDF

A transaction has the following properties:

User Account


Listing ID

Transaction ID



Content Management


This component is to manage various content pages on the site not generated by the listing system. These may include pages such as, contact us, about us, promotional pages and other 'static' pages on the site. Pages that will be required for content management will be provided to the winning provider. The system for management of these pages should include the following:

1. Manage page title

2. Manage page content via Rich Text Editor control

3. Revision history

The Site Admin role is allowed to manage the various content pages.

B2B Services


This service will allow business with complementary services to add their listings to the system. A company will request an account from the administrators. A company's profile includes:

1. Company Name

2. Address Information

- Branch Locations

- Country

- Telephone Number(s)

- Fax

- Representative Name

3. Product Portfolio

- Product Category (one of Spare Parts or Accessories)

- Product Name

- Description

- Vehicle Types

- Picture (maximum of 4)

- Price (optional)

Once an account is created by the site admin, the user will be able to login and manage their product portfolio and edit the following fields of their profile:

1. Address Information

2. Password Reset

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