Print calculator and ordering system(repost)(repost)

This will be an update of our online print-calculator and order-registration system. see [url removed, login to view] (in norwegian) to see our current site. The user finds a calculator in which he chooses various specifications that will lead to a quote on a printed product. When he is satisfied with the quote he will continue to log in/register and upload the file(s) that he needs printed.

## Deliverables

Here is a specified list of what needs to be done to our current site - which in practice means starting from scratch... warning: the following is written by a programming illiterate. MAIN UPDATE / REPROGRAM Instant print quote by specifications - calculator already working in javascript, must be changed to java (applet) or preferably (they tell me) AJAX/DHTML. It is essential that there is no "waitng" for the application to load. One of the reasons we are thinking java for this is our wish to incorporate real time animation. As you change the specifications of a product, a sketch of the same product will change to fit the new settings so that a customer gets a visual of what he is ordering. The animation is not our first priority, but the sooner the better. The variables that are being used to calculate the quote are today hard coded in the script. These need to be looked up in a separate database. The calculator needs to incorporate the delivery time - this is not active today. We will figure out how the basic time calculations will be handled - you will add it to the program. The calculator also needs to calculate the weight of the final order to calculate the cost of shipping. We will give you the formula - you add it to the program. Instant quote browse by product - same functions as above but with pre defined settings for those who do not know nor bother to find out the specifications of their wishes. eg. businesscard, postcard, folder etc. / click on a picture, define qty + delivery time and get your price. The adding of new product/predefined setting should be probably be handled through an interface of some sort. Today all uploaded files end up in one folder on the server. These files should be categorized in folders by order number in separate folders for each customer. A customer should have the option of accessing his files on the server and downloading, deleting or uploading new files if he were for example to spot errors in the originally uploaded file. The language of the site needs to be changeable. Must utilize CSS to the fullest for quick changing to summer / easter / christmas themes. Customers must be able to add multiple users. Users must be able to change their password. Automatic mailing of "forgotten" passwords through the use of "secret question" (or a better solution). We need a credit card payment option. In addition the site needs several basic links, such as "about us", "terms and conditions", "FAQs" and possibly a few more... These, in addition to all displayed text, need to be easily updated (possibly through an interface, change the text, upload pictures from your desktop). Good logging should be implemented. It should be possible to use the logs to track events that have happened, to find successes and failures, detect errors, and create some statistics. It is essential that the site is not cluttered with options - it should be easy to understand and easy to operate. We can supply a target layout.

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