Drupal Website - Integrated with Online Payment(repost)

Here is the brief summary. It does not include everything for the project. Please read the project details for further information.

Customized Drupal Template

Design a logo for website

Create the secured order page

Approximately 10 pages of HTML, no script, content will be provided

Create Back Office for Support Team

Create Managed Orders for Customers

You can use available free script or Drupal modules in my project.

## Deliverables


1. Customized Drupal Template

I already have a template but it need to modify as per follows.

1) Design a Logo for my website

2) Include the following on the **right side** of the website

1. Verisign TrustSite Logo (Script will be provided)

2. Live Chat Logo **(You can use free scipt)**

3. Toll Free Number Image **(You have to do it)**

4. Mailing List Module **(You can use the open source module for Drupal)**

5. Free Offer Graphic (Graphic will not provided; the content will be provided)

6. Credit Card Image (Graphic will be provided)

7. Money Back Guarantee (Graphic and Content will be provided)

8. Login and Password for existing customers

3) Include Google Analytics Script (Script will be provided)

4) Create **Secured** Order Page

1. Must be 'https', I will ask for private SSL from my hosting company

2. Create the order form that will calculate the total amount based on the order details. It must be **everything exactly like the following example PLUS it should have a box for 'Coupon Code'**

i. Example: [url removed, login to view]

ii. Under **'Writer Preferences'**, Don't include 'I want to choose the category of writer (price depends on the category)' checkbox.

iii. Under **'Writer Preferences'**, for the existing customer, it will have a text box to specify the writer code. (5 characters long)

iv. Don't include 'Progressive Delivery'

v. Include the drop box that customer can choose their time zone.

vi. Show the preview order to customers before they can press submit

vii. Customize, integrate, and connect to the payment gateway

[url removed, login to view] the payment is completed, redirect to the Thank You page with order number

ix. Include the tracking into the Thank You page in order to see the Adwords conversion (code will be provided)

3. Create the 'Inquiry' page - it is like the order page. Example: [url removed, login to view] - the estimate will be who on the web and also send the email to the inquirer.

4. Create the following HTML page. (the content will be provided. But you have to find the graphic and design to make it look good)

- About Us (on the top)

- Our Services (on the top)

- Prices (on the top)

- Contact us (on the top)

- Terms and Conditions (on the bottom)

- Privacy Policy (on the bottom)

- Special Offers (on the side)

- Money Back Policy (on the side)

- Testimonials (on the side)

- FAQ (on the side)


This is for customers that already placed the orders.

It will show 'Hello, Customer_Name (Customer_Email) and Customer_TIMEZONE' on the top right

There will have 6 menus to choose.

1. '**All Orders'** - it will show a table that have the following **column.**

? Order ID

o When customers click on the Order ID, then it will lead to another page.

? It will consist of two menus.


? Files Upload - customers can upload multiple files for writer

? Files List - the list of files that were already upload. Customers can remove and download it.

? Order information - The summary of that order

? Agreement Information - show that customers have agreed with the terms and conditions on DATE and TIME (when they submitted the order)

? **Second**

? It will be a message menu. Customers can read all messages from writers and support tem. And they can choose to send a message to writer or to support team. **The order details and the messages will be grouped by order.**

? Title (include name of the project, number of pages)

? Deadline (it will show many days and hours left to meet the deadline)

? Paid (actual amount that customers paid, this will be an amount after deduct the discount or coupon (if any)

? Discount (if customer get discount or use coupon code then it will show how much customers save for this order)

? Current Status (Admin can assign the order into 5 status;

o 1. Work in Progress 2. Rewrite 3. Completed 4. Full Refund 5. Partial Refund

o For the order that is in Work In Progress, it will be highlighted by light green color. If it is in Rewrite, it will be highlighted by light yellow color. If it is in Completed, it will be highlighted by light gray color. If Full Refund, use red color. If Partial Refund, use orange color. **(Highlight the entire row.)**

2. **'New Order'** - it is the same as the order page. The 'Customer Name' field will be automatically show the customer name.

3. **'Profile'** - Customer can change name, phone number, country, address, and password but they cant change their email address because we will use email address to map the 'Discounts'

4. **'Discounts'** - there are two discount. First it is the 'Coupon Code' but the coupon will apply only for the 'first order only'. In this page, the 'Lifetime Discounts' For example, if the total orders that customers have purchases are $500 then customers will get 5% 'lifetime' discount, if $1000, they will get 10% discount, and if $2000, they will get 20%. 'Lifetime' means for every order after the reach the points. This page will show the customer discount and total amount of all purchases and the total amount of the discount they saved.

5. **'Feedback'** - customers can give a feedback for writer and support team. It will consist of 5 questions for support team and another 5 questions for writer. **(for each order)**

6. **'Logout'**


o Writers can get the details of the order instruction but they will not get information about customers.

o It must have a separate login page for writers.

o Writer can communicate with the customers in a particular order through the message system. (not the email)

o Writer can see the material files that customers have uploaded. Writer can download that materials.

o Each writer will be assigned writer id.

o Writers can edit their profile. Name, last name, education, phone number, address, paypal account, but not email, password

o Can see the history, what order they have worked

o Can see how much money that they have in the account and can send a request to support team for the payment. (writer will get 30% per the amount the customers already paid)

o They can choose to accept the order or not accept when the support team assigned project to them

o Writer can upload the file of the final work to support team (not customer).

o Can see the rating for each completed order and for the overall rating


? Can create writers account.

? Can oversee the message, the communication between writers and customers

? Can issue the invoice to writers (amount and tax and description will be manual key in)

? The support team can change/approve the order that assign to the project. The order status that writers submit will need to be approved by the support team first.

? Can create the sales report(daily, monthly and date range), that includes order number, amount, discount, deadline, description and etc.

? Can change the pricing that company will charge customers (which will use to calculate in the order form)

? Can change the pricing or commission that company will pay to writers

? Can send the email to mailinglist subscriber

? Manage the feedback system; overall, monthly, daily, weekly and by writer id.

? Can generate the coupon code and assign the expire date and the % discount to that coupon code

? Can monitor each customer account and see the total amount spent by each customer and can see the lifetime discount that each customer get

? Can download final work from support team and then upload the revision(PDF) to customer for review.

? If customers approve the order then the support team can upload the final work(DOC) for customers.


Beside the message that customers will receive and can read on the message after log in to the system. Customers will receive the auto e-mail when this situation occur.

a. Thank you email when they placed the order and completed the payment

b. E-mail to inform when the status of their orders have been changed

c. E-mail to inform them to do a feedback survey after their orders completed.

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