Web application based on the World Telecom Labs IPNX switch

Web application based on the World Telecom Labs IPNX switch

A web-based application to manage the mutli-level telecom reseller business model based on a World Telecom Labs IPNX switch and the callshop market. There should be support for all players in the telephony reselling model from the switch owner to the reseller and on to the individual callshop proprietor. The system should be secure so that each user type only has access to the information for their business only.

• Secure system with multi-level access for three players: switch owner, resellers, and callshops

• Web-based - accessible from anywhere

• Customisable look with company logos and form templates

• New businesses should be easily added - shops, resellers or providers. Top level users to a particular level should not be accessible.

• Each business should be independent with their own prices, call dat records (CDR) and reports

• Standard set of valuable reports - popular destinations, income per shop, carrier load

• Scheduler to allow automation of routine tasks like invoice generation

• Trouble ticket system to be built-in

• Hosted service should be available

For the resellers:

To give resellers accurate information about their CDR's, rate tables, billing, and their customers' pre payments. This should be achieved by direct connection through the reseller's web site with personal and secure access. This would give the customers the information they need without the reseller having to invest heavy IT infrastructure or a lot of customer service staff.

For the callshop

For individual customers or callshops: to provide a quick and real-time overview of all his calls, both current and past (duration, destination, price) and the last payments that were made (top ups made to the reseller or switch operator, in the switch). He should be able to request invoices for any specific date range and see the numbers being dialled by the people in the phone cabins, all in real time. If he works with a pre-paid account, it should be possible to send them a regular email report of their current balance.

Full graphical statitics and reporting tools should be made available to all three players: sales/minutes called per hour, day, week, and month, most called destinations, ...

Should be able to manage for the reseller:

• Creation of new customer accounts (CLIs, account balances, type of service)

• Maintain customer base with all the details needed for proper invoicing (address, bank details, VAT, currency, etc)

• Account management and account reloading in the case of prepayment (Callshop customers)

• Technical ticket reporting and maintenance

• Creation of Sub-agents with private, secure access for the agent's personnel allowing them to reload their own customers' accounts

Should be able to manage for the switch owner

All the routine tasks of running a business with Resellers should be automated or should be done by the resellers themselves.

• Easy to block an individual non-paying Shop or a Reseller and all their associated shops

• View full financial history of any account

• Balances should apply to single Shop or Reseller and all their shops together

• Full business to business invoicing - bill for rent, services, equipment as well as call traffic

• Import and edit carrier price lists quickly and easily

• Createable different price lists for every customer

• Reporting on the number of simultaneous calls/ channels used on the network to avoid congestion

Underlying Technology and System Requirements

Should run on a dedicated PC-based web server connected to the Internet. The web server should communicate with the WTL switch via FTP to collect CDRs and writes data to the switches using the WT_Agent protocol or any other system that will enable real-time display of calls on the Web interface (especially important for the callshop as he needs to have access to his calls in real-time). The first option would allow the web server to be located either with the switch or remote from it as the switch owner prefers.

Can be done using any language or OS.

Færdigheder: .NET, JSP, Linux, Perl, PHP

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