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WEBSITE OVERVIEW: Site will enable its members to earn income by listing, merchandise from the company's Web site to various online auction sites, such as eBay and Yahoo. It will make the process of listing, selling, and shipping simple for its members who sell merchandise on on-line auction sites. They can also sell their merchandise in their very own virtual storefront through our site's personal WebPages. Our site will handle posting to auction sites and order fulfillment on behalf of its users. About the main membership service: Some definitions: Members - anyone who registered on the site (could later be changed to require a minimally paid membership fee). Members can invite new members. Members can also achieve dealer status. Dealer - anyone who is willing to offer support and customer service to other members. Members must choose the dealer they will work with since he will be the main point of contact with the company. Company will handle only the special cases. Most of the other questions must go through dealers. Dealers are independent businessmen and we do not guarantee their performance. Users must use their own judgment by choosing the dealer. Members must check all the references provided by the dealer before using any of his services. Dealer may offer the following services: receive payments, send and receive merchandise, offer customer support and anything else that may be required by the community. To qualify as a dealer the member must offer minimum services. Everything that the dealer offers must be clearly stated on his page. The dealer's page will list his references plus anything dealer may want to add. a) User feedback - customers can leave their feedback about their experience with the dealer b) What verifications dealer had passed (if any) will be specified on his page - (in the future a minimum membership fee may be requested) 1. ID- He can forward by mail or fax his ID, personally meet one of the verified users etc. 2. In direct verification by phone (He pays) 3. By confirming that he is already verified by other sites WM, PayPal, his feedback rating on eBay, He controls the domain name etc. 4. Can put in a deposit to guarantee his performance. The amount should be visible on the site. 5. He can also put his picture on his page. 6. Confirming his address (utility bill, bank statement). Member can choose the dealer he wants to work with. If the member came by himself he can choose the dealer he wants to work with. Users can move to another dealer at anytime. Members/Dealers commissions are as follows - from the cost of the goods displayed on the site - 2-5% depending on the item. 20% of it is paid to the member or dealer who invited the user to become the member. 80% is paid to the dealer who processed user's transaction. If the dealer is the referring member than he gets all 100% commission. The service: 1. Our members sell items at online auction sites. Member pays a membership fee, select items for auction, and collects the profits! If the item doesn't sell after the auction period, the item can be returned to our virtual warehouse, at no expense to the member. 2. To use the site and to see the prices user must first register on the site. (FREE) 3. To sell any merchandise user must purchase a membership (minimum $100) but in the beginning specials may be offered (try it for $50 or similar). 4. That annual fee becomes an account of credits. The minimum is $100 for 100 credits. Member uses credits to list items on auction or this or other sites. Each auction takes one week. After it's over member's credit investment returns to his account. Whether or not member's item was sold. Member can use those credits again and again until his membership expires. For example, the clock is valued at 25 credits (and member has a 100-credit membership). If he chooses it for an auction, he'll invest 25 credits and still have 75 credits left in his account. After an auction, he gets his credits back to reuse in another auction. But he also gets the profit from the sale. If his clock was sold for $33, he gets his 25 credits back plus $8 clear profit. 5. Member can always buy more credits. Credits will have its own expiration date of one year (52 weeks). 6. When member decides to sell an item he will go to his account where the Auction Helper will serve up three items based on member's preferences. So that the member can choose the best item he will be offered information including charts with eBay prices for a given item, % profit or loss from the prices charged by the website. The ability to search for items with maximum % of profit for the last week, or the cheapest or highest priced items etc. Member picks the one he thinks is best. If he doesn't like any items that were suggested by the helper based on the member's criteria, he can choose "next" for more, and the Helper will serve up three more. He can continue to have items served up until he finds an item. Once he selects an item, he can decide which auction site will sell it. He can also select the item by going to the item directly by using a search option of the site or through category listings. Member will be offered an ability to have his own informational page were he can list his policies (payments, shipping etc.) with the link to this page from the auction page. ALSO the member will be offered to have a STOREFRONT page were others can see all his items for sale with links to his auctions (specially it could be useful if the member uses more than one auction site to sell his items (eBay and yahoo). They can also have their own AUCTION on that page (if item is not on other auction sites) for FREE. PRE SALE auctions are also possible where the member can choose items to be listed in an auction a week in advance. This way people can start looking at the item earlier and the auction will be placed automatically on time by the system (or if the member gets an offer that he will be satisfied with he may skip that listing and avoid the listing and final fee all together (charged by auction sites). After he clicks submit - he will get the page with the item description, payment methods that the member is willing to accept (check, money order, credit card, PayPal etc.), shipping option and prices, his user id at the auction site etc (provided that he entered all that information previously (during registration process or later by editing his account). He can edit anything he wants than clicks submit. The user at this time will be offered to send payment for this item to us or his dealer so that by the time the auction ends we'll be able to send the item to his buyer or to him. After that our site does the rest (member just have to collect the payment from the buyer and pay us or his dealer for the merchandise sold) we'll even ship the merchandise directly to the customer. 7. After taking one item to auction, member can then go back and selects additional items to utilize his remaining available credits. At any time, he can track his auctioned items by viewing a real-time bid status. That annual fee is all he ever pays to us. Member never has to take possession of an item unless he wants to. We ship it directly to his buyer. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We are in need of the following features: 1. Taking merchandise from our website catalog/store to online auction sites. Website helps list the member's selection at an auction site and ships the item on behalf of the member. 2. Where a member can sign up 3. Make an auto deposits from e-gold, WM, etc. 4. Make regular deposits by check, wire etc. - WILL generate the agreement page for a person to sign and fax (for wire) or mail for check/MO. 5. Make deposits through other members (dealers by way of PayPal, CC and anything else that they will offer to accept.) WILL List a disclosure that they are independent businessman and user must be careful as if they suffer any losses we are NOT responsible 6. Transfer funds to different account on the site. 7. Withdraw funds to e-currencies, bank accounts etc. (upgradeable to other currencies/e-currencies) 8. Shopping cart button which user can put on his site/page/auction to use our site and his dealer to accept e-currencies and other payment methods for merchandise offered. 9. Calculate income for dealers who handle members' payments and merchandise shipments (50% of the administrative profit) and handles different payments (like CC, PayPal etc.) between some users and the site. 10. Way out of the membership commitment by way of selling your position on the exchange portion of the site. Will set price, terms (including all shares must be sold at once or partial transactions are OK too). If offer is accepted, user is credited funds and shares are credited to other user. Users can also buy shares this way - they can put an offer to buy by specifying prices, shares, and expiration date. 11. Ways to transfer shares or funds to other users his email address or user ID (if known). If the user is not registered he would have to click on the link and signup first than his account will be credited the funds he received. 12. Members can leave feedback to seller and brokers 13. Site will offer system similar to instant messaging so members can communicate securely and confidentially. 14. Prices on the site can be show in the method of payment (Check/MO, E-GOLD, NetPay, PayPal, WebMoney etc.) 15. Affiliate program - banners and links with user ID will pay % of the user profit or deposited funds per admin discretion or by users choice (% will be different) 16. Site will offer banners for its members/dealers and other sites that they can place on their sites and collect the commissions from users who will signup after them. 17. Member should be able to get a referral link on the site. He also should be able to see a breakdown of his commissions and if needed communicate with his downline. 18. Wholesale Buying Group Discount - will be offered from time to time as an incentive to purchase specific products. Members will be offered to purchase by specific date so many identical items to be shipped on a specific date. The more of it they will purchase the cheaper it will become. Ex. If members purchased 1 to 10 items its $100 each, if 11-39 its $98 each, if 40-50 its $95 each etc. Sometimes but not always there maybe a requirement to order in certain quantities by 2 or by 10 which would mean that if requirement is 2 than any given member must order 2, 4, 6 etc. However if items are shipped to a specific dealer than 2 members may place two orders for 1 item each. How many orders were placed and how many orders required for additional discount will be displayed on an item description page. Special section of the site maybe setup for this and other types of special offers and discounts. 19. Our website will offer its customers to accept their merchandise on consignment where the customer delivers its merchandise to our warehouse, we inspect it and list it for sale on our site. After the sale we will send the customer a check less specified commissions. Dealers with certain high reputation (feedback/minimum amount on deposit etc.) will be able to offer on its pages to accept merchandise on consignment also. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Users feature: 1. Edit profile (email, address, password, etc.) 2. View downline, order sell shares, see statistics (like if he has a website how many people clicked on our banner). 3. Purchase membership by using e-gold, WebMoney, NetPay, EvoCash, 1MDC, EMO, by check/MO and through brokers by CC, PayPal and other methods (up to the dealer). 4. Have referral link (text, banner) ============================================================= Admin features: 1. Track and pay all the affiliates, dealers, members. 2. Complete tracking and data - name, email, ID, position, etc. 3. One click pay button to any/all affiliates, dealers, members 4. Password protected member's area. Similar to Pecunix and NetPay 5. Automatic admin notification of new members, when affiliate is due to be paid, how much to be paid, etc. 6. Referral payment tracking -how much is owed, who they referred, etc. 7. Admin search of affiliates by name, position, ID, email, referrer/referral 8. Customizable emails sent to members automatic and admin generated - when member joins, makes deposit, changes password or was sent a withdrawal. And admin able to send special email (news, etc.) 9. Section where admin will keep all his comments about the user account, communication with the user (copies of emails from the user) must be attached to his account and admin have an access to them in the future. Also be able to search for specific words, headings etc. 10. Be able to see the list of all the transactions the user made on his account including any transfers to other account and transactions of that user also preferably in the same window. 11. Correction of the balance in user account for specific reason (fraud etc.) 12. Ways to freeze accounts, deposits, part of deposit (as in a case of a check deposit) - for a specific time frame or until admin decides that it's safe to do so. 13. Cancellation of specific requests for withdrawal (the system no longer supported, fraud etc.) 14. Registration of EVERY user login (ID, IP, Time and transactions associated with that login, any changes to his account that were done (name change, email, address, password) backed up for possible future review. 15. Page with the list of customers from other sites (statistics of that information) how many, how they got here through cookies, IP, etc. 16. Ability email all members 17. Ability to suspend (with his ability to access his account but not been able to process any transactions (if he tries he should get to the special page with instructions to contact us) or not been able to access account at all he is forwarded to the page with instruction to contact site administration) or terminate members. 18. Set limit to number of times members can email their downline 19. To register each ADMIN login, with IP, time, etc. and email to predetermine email address. 20. USE of superpassword to change anything, separate password for each transaction. Similar to Pecunix (different each time) and is entered after user gets to https: portion of the site. 21. Secure admin section to run detailed reports transactions, referrals, downline, purchases, sales, members details, top sellers etc. General features: Design of the site and its usability must be clear and intuitive for the users. Instructions for members must be written in an easy to understand clear English. Must have an option to add other language versions of the same website. - Support "cookies disabled" - Connect to E-gold, NetPay, EvoCash, 1MDC, EMO, WebMoney. Instructions for check/mo, wire (generates a page where the user must print and sign an agreement which must be mailed or faxed). - Automated new member confirmation email prior to registering - Automated welcome email - Forgot Password reminder - reminder word sent to email address (not password itself). - Automatic emails to admin for any transaction signup, withdrawal, deposit, sale, transfer etc. - Plus comprehensive weekly report emailed to admin - Ability to restrict to IP or range of IPs 123.* - Sales tracking - Statistics & Payment Reports - Downline summary table - Statement (payment history & details) - Email to downline - Email to personal referrals - Autoresponders - Affiliate links (email, banners, text links) - Security & possibility to put other sites banners on our site. - Site must be optimized and submitted to search engines and link/banner exchange programs. - FAQ pages divided by category - email communications between members/users (internal) - Ability to transfer deposits (membership credits) to other members or non members - Member area - edit profile, view downline, orders, listings, edit preferences, etc. - Add payment processors between dealer/company - check/mo, e-gold, webmoney, netpay, evocash, 1mdc, emo, pecunix, WU, MG We need a competent programmer who will not only finish the project in the timely manner, but also be there for us for debugging, additional work, and future projects. I own resell rights and all copyrights to the script.

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