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Welcome, please read this carefully, you'll notice that I'm not looking for a complicated script, it's just that I like being VERY detailed so that there are no unanswered questions... so here I go... I need a script that will automatically take off an order button from my sales page once the product for sale has been sold. I'm thinking that it could use an SSI tag to insert the HTML for the button and use a hidden image tag that would get called from the "thank you" page. That hidden image tag should tell the script that the particular product got sold and the next time that someone goes to the sales letter, the SSI tag should pull the "sold" HTML that I specify in the admin control panel. The script should be easy to install (come with install instructions). It should be easy to add as many products as I want to sell on limited quantities. For example, let's suppose I want to sell the following... 1. 3 widgets 2. 5 dumahickies I should be able to log into the admin panel, click on "Add New Product" and then be presented with a screen to fill in a few pieces of information. Some fields to fill in could be something like, "Product Name", "Product Description", and "How Many Do You Want To Sell?" Then underneath all that, there should be two textarea boxes, the first one labeled, "Sale Button HTML" and the second Textarea box shoud be labeled, "Sold Out HTML". Then, when I press the "Create" button, the next screen should give me the details of the new creation, it should automatically generate the SSI tag to insert in the sales page and it should also generate the image tag that I need to insert in the "thank you page". Now, in the "How Many Do You Want To Sell?" field, if I entered "3", then the script should keep a running total and as soon as the image tag has been called up 3 times, then the next time someone visits the site, then the SSI tag should insert the "Sold Out HTML" that I specified while creating that particular product. I should be able to edit, modify, and reset the info for each product from within the admin panel. For example, if all products have been sold (but I just got a new shipment of products) and the HTML in place of the order button simply displays the "Sold Out" HTML, I should be able to log into the control panel and "edit" the product and change the available quantities to whatever I now have available. By clicking "Update", the SSI tag on the page should pull the sale button automatically. I shouldn't have to modify the tags, the ones in place for that same product should continue to work. Now, suppose I am selling a product and call it "productX". The image tag that would record the 'sale' to the script should look something like: img src="[url removed, login to view] One more thing, please make sure to add some kind of IP tracking to make sure that if the same person visits the thank you page again, or refreshes the page, it doesn't count as another 'sale'. Does all this make sense? I'm thinking that PHP and MySQL would be a good combination for this script. I'm not a total newbie to programming, I know that this script would be a piece of cake to a skilled programmer and it should only take a few hours to complete. So if you're up to the challenge, place your bid right now! :-) P.S. It has been suggested to me that instead of using SSI tags to insert the "Sale HTML" or "Sold HTML", that it would probably be better to run the whole thing dynamically from a PHP script and use HTML templates with tags like [ORDERBUTTON] and [AVAILABLE]. Basically, the link would be called like "[url removed, login to view]" and would show the HTML page associated with "product1" when it was created in the admin control panel. What do you think? Would this be better?

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