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Purpose of the website system ======================== Provide a “Find a Service in My Area” system for people looking for services from a business. Users will find services from local businesses by entering their zip code and travel distance, selecting the service they want and viewing all companies and their ads from a list provided. MAIN PAGE Basic HTML page with link to system via a Zip/Radias form and generic login. I don't need you to design the look of the pages. I do need you to create the dynamic parts and use a look I create. We would have to be able to work together. Marketing copy. (nothing you need to do) Area with link to "Find Service by Zip Radias area". - users can search for free but must create user/pass Vendors Signup area - Marketing copy. - vendor enters here to view details on why they should advertise and to sign up for ad(s). There may be different offerings based on durration and placement but each ad must have only one category. The vendor may purchase multiple ads. Creating the ad(s) is in the Vendor Area.) Company Contact Page - Static page (nothing you need to do) Login Vender Search - FREE From main page potential clients enter Zip code, travel distance and service. If they are already in Database system will prompt them to enter user/pass which will then allow them to continue search and look at potential vendors service ad(s). If they are not in the database they should be prompted to create user/pass to continue. Create login Username – (system checks database) Password Email How did you hear about us? Display disclaimer they need to select. (mandatory checkbox to continue) [enter - view venders] The system will display a page with all of the service companies in the area they specified and their average rating # and icon. From that list they can click to view the companies profile with ad and contact info. Rate a service # and icon (ratings should be averaged and displayed on the Service's link as a rating #. Everyone should be able to view detail ratings and comments) - select Rate icon next to vendor - rate 1-10 (10 best) - add comments Edit – modify login info Username Password Email Vendor Signup Area Copy on main page to get them to go to another page where they can learn more and sign up. The signup page will give them a form to choose the number of ad(s), the duration of the ad(s) and the cost associated with it. And then pay with credit card, paypal or check. Username – (system checks database) Password - Name Address City State Zip Phone Email Website – (open into new window) How did you hear about us? _ Credit card CC# EXP DATE CVN# Name on credit card, Address, zip (system will allow account to be active immediately - and will flag the user as billing pending, no online transactions needed. All cards billed manually.) _ PayPal (if automated system, record will be mark paid and active) _ Check Please send your check to this address and reference your username on check. (account not activated till check comes in) Check box for Disclaimer Area and Rules they have to agree to. [Sign up] If credit card or paypal send to Vendors Area. If sending check, they get message their account will be activated as soon as check comes in. Display address again tell them to print this page. Send them to main page. Vendor Area Display how many ads purchased and durations, how many ads used, purchase more ads. Create Ad (only allowed to create ads based on what they paid for and/or give option to purchase other ads - provide link to purchase - system should keep track and display how many they paid for, used and have left to define) Create New - select service category (start with client generated initial list and we should be able to update as new categories come in) - vendor creates copy for ad and uploads 1 images and 1 logo file. (GIF, JPG, PNG) - display contact info from database [Preview Ad] - Check box for Disclaimer Area and Rules they have to agree to. - accept or reedit - message that says someone will get back to you after approval. (backend to approve) Modify Current Ad(s) - select active ad(s) - edit copy for ad and upload new image and logo file. - display contact info from database [Preview Ad] - accept or reedit - message that says someone will get back to you after approval. (backend to approve) Modify account - change user - change password - change account info, credit cards should only be able to be re-added. No viewing of CC info. Purchase more ads - The signup page will be the same as the one they used when they first signed up. (less Username Password) ========================================================== Special Features ================ 1. Send me my password for email 2. Vendor Rating System (clients rate vendors from 1 to 10 and ratings get be viewed by all from the vendors page) 3. Email blasts to all users. Admin Panel - 1. Setup advertising options (duration) and costs. This will display in the drop down box on the order page. 2. Report on "Billing Pending" and access to their accounts to do manual credit card processing. - Function to flag customer as paid. - History comments field by date. 3. Block login by IP, and/or email address, or biz name 4. Email blasts to vendors or users or both 5. Activate or deactivate ads 6. Reporting of new users by date 7. Report new orders and provide ability to update record that it was "paid on a date" field once successfully billed (manually) 8. Vendor payment history report

Evner: .NET, Lidt af Hvert, ASP, Perl, PHP

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