Site Scrape Import into Database-part 2

My developer went AWOL, need to finish up this project that is about 90% done. This interface is for adult movie title content. Titles and box art may offend.

In short, we have an interface for entering movie barcodes and titles that then searches through 2 different sites and a local DB table for matches. The sites are scraped and combined with the local data and all saved to another table.

There is a process for gathering the local data by going to a site and downloading an XML file.

Download the files in "" that we have done so far-some files are not needed and were early tests; the "project.php" file is the root and the place to start looking. This function was working and we had a few tweaks that needed to be done.

[url removed, login to view]


Don't be too worried about the UPC scanning part. I have a scanner and all it does it enter a number in the highlight text box and sends an "enter" command that in this case starts the search.

I will send the link to the interface to the short list of providers, but screenshot is attached.

After we get the interface working we will just need to change the table to which the data saves to our live table as well as just write the local data table id for the Site #3 records rather than write all the data twice. (We can chat more on this last point as that would be easier.) We will also move the files to our existing Admin folder on the site.

Here are my notes for last touches needed after scanning over 150 test titles.


need to save photos/boxart locally (i know you mentioned this would not be a problem, but we need to keep it on the list to test)

need to save UPC to table

Wish-(out of scope, need estimate)--Saved confirmation annoying - maybe just a status somewhere that says "saved", would goes away when a new search is done. Maybe clear results after saving which would prevent multiple saves of the same title. (Currently saves multiple records for same title on saving multiple times)

Wish-(need estimate) UPC scan confirmation; maybe a "beep" sound.

Should be able to "Clear" Site #3 results if there is a mismatch.

Site #3 should use Site #1 if Site #2 shows no results.

Some movie specifics:

"787633008640" putting a tab in between "rental" and the price. Format should be "WMP Download 7-day rental" rather than "WMP Download"; the price field should just be the price. So in the "price" field in this example we should just have "$11.99" not "7-day rental $11.99" and the "7" should be a part of the format so it should read "WMP Download 7-day rental ". Same with "Download to Own"

"820891604886" brings up wrong title from Site #3. (but result is close-maybe can't fix that)

"600148301771" brings up wrong title from Site #3.

"879059000527" brings up wrong title from Site #3. (maybe 2nd match criteria based on Studio to validate that the title is right?)

"825148021355" brings up wrong title from Site #3. (maybe 2nd match on Studio to validate title is right?)

"787633009005" not found on site #2 but is there on doing a title search. Text "(2 disc set)" probably messing it up...we don't need "(2 disc set) " so that can be removed to make the search for Site #2 work.

"825148021409" same as above

"600148301733" same as above


"Slutty Campus Teens Vol. 1" brings up wrong title in Site #3

"Tranny Seducers" brings up wrong title in Site #3 (brings up same title as above)

"pooper troopers" same as above.

"881414001520" same as above.

"618582608967" bring up wrong title on Site #3.

Site #2 is not bringing results for Gay titles. Searching the [url removed, login to view] site manually they are there.


Lost Innocence

Raw Service

Twinks For Cash 3


The second part of this project is taking all of the titles that we already have in our system and running them through this search and scrape process. This will allow us to get these titles updated with the right information.

This would also take care of titles that we scan in after this is built but for some reason the titles are not on the sites that we are scraping. Eventually those site will carry the titles and we should be able to get that info after the initial scan.

***Not if you can not develop this second part, please not that in your bid as we may break this up if the bids and the feedback on the supplier make sense.

Questions? Just ask.

Another item is when the Studio name that is scraped from the sites the logic should check for a match in our database.

If a match is not found a pop up should allow to select match from a list or enter as a new row (in the Studio table) with allowing more information be typed in such as Studio contact name, phone number, email, etc.

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