Need Ad-Pool Type script built or will purchase


Here is an example of what I want. Please read this over thoroughly and give me your bid. If you are not capable of completing this project in a timely manner, please do not bid.

I am building a program and need this script. If anyone has access to it, or can build me one. Please bid.


There are 6 levels in the program all together, 5 upgrade levels and one free level to choose from. The 5 upgrade levels lasts 18 days. You have to surf 30 sites a day on each 5 upgrade levels, and each level (free level can only earn 3% from the referral comission) gets a certain percentage of the weekly funds, or total advertising money that comes into the program each week, 50%, 25%, 12%, 8%, and 5%. Then each percentage is divided by the members in each level, then divided by 7 days and distributed as the daily earnings for that week.


$1000 comes into the program on a given week, and there are 5 members in level 6, 8 members in level 5, 6 members in level 4... level 1 free members don't count:

Level 6 - 50% of $1000 is $500 divided by 5 = $100 divided by 7 = $14.28 a day for each member for that week.

Level 5 - 25% of $1000 is $250 divided by 8 = $31.25 divided by 7 = $4.46 a day for each member for that week.

Level 4 - 12% of $1000 is $120 divided by 6 = $20 divided by 7 = $2.85 a day for each member for that week.

And so on, you get the point.

The daily earnings for each level is displayed on the Membership Upgrade Information chart in the Paid Surf section under Manual Surf Details, and those numbers will change each week to display the daily percentage of that given week. The chart can be found on the Highspeedhits site by clicking Benefits. Even though there is the option of auto or manual surfing, the $ earnings can only be made by manual surfing the alotted number of sites. Although it may look small now, the daily earnings should increase as the program grows and the weekly funds increase. There's also other ways to make money like selling credits, games, and of course referrals... but that's the gist of it.

The 6 levels consist of...

Basic Free - 2 sites allowed, no weekly earning, ref com - 3% level 1.

Sunday Driver - cost $14.95, 5% of the weekly pool, 5 sites allowed, ref com - 5% level 1, 3% level 2, 2% level 3.

Cruiser Account - cost $24.95, 8% of the weekly pool, 8 sites allowed, ref com - 10% level 1, 5% level 2, 3% level 3, 2% level 4.

Speed Racer - cost $39.95, 12% of the weekly pool, 10 sites allowed, ref com - 12% level 1, 8% level 2, 6% level 3, 4% level 4, 2% level 5.

King of the Road - cost $79.95, 25% of the weekly pool, unlimited sites allowed, ref com - 15% level 1, 10% level 2, 5% level 3, 5% level 4, 5% level 5.

HSH Partner Account - cost $150, 50% of the weekly pool, unlimited sites allowed, ref com - 20% level 1, 15% level 2, 10% level 3, 10% level 4, 10% level 5.

For those familar with Maximumsurfing, it's a similar concept as far as the referral system, but HSH system is much better because you get a percentage of the weekly pool of incoming funds as well, so you can still earn very nicely with absolutely no referrals.


That is it. As soon as I find someone the bidding will close immediately. I want to get on this, so please only serious programmers apply.

Thanks for your bids.

Evner: Java, Perl, PHP, Script Installering, Web Design

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