Myspace/Orkut/Social Network with optimized specialized servers architecture set up with 200+ servers

The needs of this Social Network project are unique and require a very specific skillset of a team which has thought or can clearly think about the issue of scalability relating to social networks.

Most Myspace clones and social network scripts created do not appear to demonstrate a clear and thorough understanding of the issues of scalability.

First and foremost, we are looking for a team that has ideally already developed a Myspace clone with a very clear understanding of the issues of scalability relating to a social network.

Specifically, we need a system that can immediately handle over 200 million page views per day handling all the standard social network functions common on Myspace, Orkut, Facebook, Friendster, etc.

Specifically, think about maximum capacity of 10,000 pageviews/transactions per second.

We have benchmarked and had extensive discussions with technology architects from the largest social networks in the world which have between 100 million to over 500 million page views per day.

A system with this capability requires a lot of thinking not only about scalability, but also about compromises that are made to all the social network to scale. This means certain features get automatically turned off.

In addition, in setting up and optimizing a complex server farm of specialized servers for different tasks, this requires very well thought out scalability thinking.

Finally, the issues of simulation testing is important. We need to architect a plan for simulating the maximum capacity under a well optimized server farm.

We are ideally looking for a team that has already designed and architected a very well thought our Myspace/Social Network clone and can demonstrate your understanding of these issues.

In your response, first clarify the extent of work you have already done with social networks.

Second, please demonstrate the level of work and thinking you have already done to think and plan out for scalability issues in a social network and/or other systems requiring similar scalability thinking.

Third, in relation to features. We are looking for a all the features of Myspace, the community functionality of Orkut, and advanced import scripts for importing contact books from Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Orkut, Outlook, Messenger, and several others.

Finally, please clearly demonstrate that you can understand and think in an innovative manner about the database scalability issues.

In your proposal, please make sure to demonstrate your experience and sophistication in thinking about scalability, database, and in building social network, online dating, and online community/blog sites.

Evner: Databehandling, Java, Perl, PHP, XML

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