Interesting Forex type trading software project to operate on betonmarkets

I need a program written that will interface with [url removed, login to view] Ideally I would like the most comprehensive program possible that would work with all markets. However, the most important feature I am looking for is that it MUST work. It must give a good mathematical advantage and should consistently produce a profit. I am specifically interested in the double up / double down trading features. The program should be designed to be able to interface with the [url removed, login to view] site enabling automatic bets to be placed. The program should access the various trading charts that are available and based upon a selection from the previous 12, 6, 3, 2, and 1 months trading history in conjunction with the Scholastics scale and any other useful indicators, predict the correct time to place the bet and to automatically place the bet. The program should be able to predict an average low for the day and place an upward bet and then it should be able to predict the high of the day and place a corresponding down bet. The algorithm should be coded to predict the final 12 o’clock midnight closing price so that it is midway between the two bets placed. Sequence of placing the high bet or the low bet first should be an option and an automatic feature. The option to only place one one directional bet should also be available. The option to place a series of matched, high and low, bets should also be possible so as to increase the possibility of profit. The program should be able to detect a stagnant non-moving market and resist biding. Also the program should anticipate rapidly moving markets when betonmarkets is likely to suspend trading, and should then activate safeguards. The program should be fully automatic and continually scan the betonmarkets site. There should be safe guards built into the system which, when left on automatic, the program will place a counter bet before the site closes for the day, in the event that a second bet has not been automatically placed. Facility to override must be in place. There should be an easy to use graphic interface for use with windows XP. Provision to choose markets and multiple markets must exist. The ability to expand the program must be available in terms of adding extra features and extra markets. The program should also work with the intraday market options. However, if this is too complicated, then this can be an additional feature. With your quote please advise on this possibility. As many safe guards as possible should be written into the program. The program should include a staking plan, an automatic suggestion for size of stake based upon choice of either amount required to win or an on going percentage plus automatic increase of stake as necessary to cover any losses up to a pre-determined level. I am not sure how much work is involved with this project and whether or not an existing program could be adapted. Therefore, I require all bidders to specify how much they can produce and their bid. Also they must specify how much they will charge for addons and improvements. Please Note. This program is only any good if it works. The program can be fully trialed by the programmer using betonmarkets virtual money account. I will also test the program and full payment will only be made when the program works! A bum program is NO good. If you can produce a fully working program, you will be a friend for life! The program should be designed in such a way that it can be encrypted and password protected. The more flexibility and the more options the better. However, ease of use must be maintained. And above all it must work. I would sooner have fewer features that work than lots of features that don’t work!!!! Well, this is the general specification when I know what you can offer me we can thrash through the specifics. Suggestions and ideas are welcome. I am hopeful that there are already programs available that can be modified and cloned. Because there are so many variables please advise what you can do. Remember, payment for this job will only be made on production of a working program. If you cannot make it work you will not be paid. Please do not waste your time and my time quoting for this job unless you know you have the skills to make it work. Thank you

Evner: ASP, C programmering, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic

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