creating article directory, kind of like [login to view URL] with twist

Realty Directory Makers @ [url removed, login to view]

This site is currently set up to work as follows:

By logging into [url removed, login to view] , username is _____, password is ____ , one can see the backend. The point of the site up till now was that it searches on google by keyword of my choice and sends out an email that I have drafted automatically and requests a link exchange. They can submit their website info on this page: [url removed, login to view] and then they will receive an email with instructions of what anchor text to use with a description. They must first copy and paste that code onto their site, anywhere on their site and then our robot will detect it and add their info. Then to view and manage the links you go to this link: [url removed, login to view]

Another function this robot can do is I can put in a specific robot and either have it scrape emails and list website and their keywords for a specific page or the entire domain. So for example: if there is a real estate directory that posts lots of real estate websites which I want to eventually invite to my exchange, I can just stick in the url and it will do it. Or if I want a specific page off a url to scrape ONLY those sites listed on that page, it will do that also. My complaint with this is it’s little hard to manage. I admit the set up process is little complicated to user and not easy on them which we are going to change. We must add a catche security on form to prevent spam which you will see in the invalid sites section. We only have 11 links that signed up, so I’m not sure what happened and why it’s not working better.

But moving forward this is my strategy:

The point of this directory/article hub is solely for the benefit of my main business, called [url removed, login to view] which I’m trying to optimize. The best way to optimize a site via SEP is to get 1 way “in text” links within good content. So I want to create an environment where real estate professionals can submit their sites, write articles, post properties or testimonials for their business on [url removed, login to view] and in return for that they will have to aggregate my real estate articles which I publish on their website. I will create a RSS feed which you will use some script to convert from xml to html and that code they use to post on their site. Take a look at [url removed, login to view] and see option 3, this is kind of what it will look like on their site. Now it’s important to understand that each website will receive a different title and summary of article. I don’t want there to be any duplicate content issues, so just picture the following, I’ll supply the database with multiple substitute words, some words might have as many as 20 synonoms, and then you will set an algorithm to mix it up so it doesn’t repeat same, there could be 100’s of combinations if done properly.

Currently the site is just a normal site, but I want that changed into a wordpress platform which is much better for the search engines and indexing reasons, so you will have to download and install free plugin’s and latest version of wordpress and do this transfer, in order to do that I’m pretty sure the entire site has to be redone, but I’m not 100% sure, [url removed, login to view] would be place to start looking and they have large forum and FAQ and you can email their support and they respond quickly also.

All users that want to submit links, need to become a member with username which will equal their email and password they choose, they will fill in anchor text, description giving 200 characters maximum and keyword anchor text should be 55 characters maximum. There will be an area where they can upload articles, testimonials and property postings in this area. You can use [url removed, login to view] as a basis, people need to ability to edit, save drafts before publishing, publish and delete. Now on our website where it’s being viewed to the public, we will have little icons representing testimonials, property listings and articles, 1 for each one you need to find some options for me and I’ll choose the icon. But if they post any of the above then it will automatically show that icon by their listing and if people click on it then it pops open (ie. their article…) It should also display # of articles or # testimonials and # of property listings by icon.

Now there will be limitations on if they can add these or not: they will only be allowed to 1 (they can pick which one, listing, testimonial or article

A robot should verify my rss feeds are on their site and 1 click from home page so that there is good PR.

Also people use tricky javascript and codes to have nofollows, you need to be able to have robot detect that.

I will have to approve each article, so when they submit it should go into a bin waiting for my approval and I can deny, approve , edit… whatever I do, they will be notified via email and there should be a message I can put in that automatic message, mostly if there is problem I can explain what problem was. I want ability to easily manage users and knowing at a glance how many articles, listings or testimonials they have. It shouldn’t be hard to find, I want it at my fingertips and ability to email either to my entire network where each will get private email from me or individually

The format I want this site to work is as follows:

[url removed, login to view] is an example, this page is fine the way it is, however you need to add the following by each listing: each person needs ability to be able to post testimonials, property listings, and articles.

The categories of articles will be as follows: (I want the users to be able to suggest a new category also , but it must have to do with real estate, so they should pick which category best suits them, but they can recommend another category they prefer to be in and if I approve then they will automatically fall in that category for that article.

1031 Exchange


Building a Home


Commercial Construction

Commercial Property


Financial Planning



Green Real Estate

Home Staging






Leasing Renting



Mortgage Refinance

Moving Relocating

Property Management

Real Estate

Resorts & Vacation Homes


Tax Planning

This will be listed on every page of our website somewhere and people should be able to sort just like they can on [url removed, login to view] , the most recent, oldest, they can click on author, just use their format. Regarding the property listings that also should be listed on everypage in menu and accessible by state, but it’s not going to be fancy, I want to work like [url removed, login to view], no pic’s or fancy stuff, the point is for SEO keywords for them. Also testimonials should be in menu, they click on testimonials it will bring to list with all the names of anyone that has written a testimonial. If they only have 1 in system then that should display, if they have more than 1, then the names of testimonials should be listed and user will click to visit each testimonial.

So to be clear, the property listings by state and articles should be accessible directly from each page of website sitewide so that each page is indexed properly, I guess testimonals can also be done where has link saying testimonials for realtors, and then all the names are mentioned on the page that comes up and also with number of testimonials for that agent, then once they click on that persons name they come to each hyperlink testimonial, and then can click on each testimonial to see whole page, the bottomline is I want as few clicks from home page as possible so each page as maximum PR, there are some tricks to do this, like maybe on the page that list all the names if they click on name a drop down comes out listing the testimonials by title and then they click on the specific one, this way it’s less clicks from home page.

Our robot for [url removed, login to view] as I mentioned in beginning is already programmed to go after sites, I want to add small feature where it not only sorts on google search engine, but [url removed, login to view] which I imagine is very easy to add since it currently searches for sites on google search engine already. I want the robot to do exactly what it does now, scrape site, looking for emails and email them about what we can offer them, the email of course will be different. And many blogs have webforms or comment sections, we can set it up to leave a comment telling them what we can offer them as well (I don’t think comments have catche security at this point)

Evner: .NET, ASP, Perl, PHP, Web Design

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