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Create script to process list of numbers and manipulate them on Windows

This should be an easy one.

On a Windows machine, I want to be able to process a list of mobile telephone numbers as input and manipulate them to generate a new list as output after they have had his treatment applied.

The mobile numbers are 11 chars long. Where this treatment is currently done on the fly/online, that following PHP script is used:


$keyId = "42000";

$pattern[0] = '/0/';

$pattern[1] = '/1/';

$pattern[2] = '/2/';

$pattern[3] = '/3/';

$pattern[4] = '/4/';

$pattern[5] = '/5/';

$pattern[6] = '/6/';

$pattern[7] = '/7/';

$pattern[8] = '/8/';

$pattern[9] = '/9/';

$replace[0] = 's';

$replace[1] = 'q';

$replace[2] = 'L';

$replace[3] = 'H';

$replace[4] = 'F';

$replace[5] = 'x';

$replace[6] = 'A';

$replace[7] = 'p';

$replace[8] = 'c';

$replace[9] = 'K';

$number = preg_replace($pattern, $replace, $cli);

if(strlen($cli)==11) {

$fix = "zz";

}else {

$fix = "z";


$pattern[0] = ' ';

$keyId = str_replace($pattern, "0", $keyId);

$url = "[url removed, login to view];.$keyId.$number.$fix."0"."7"."00"."UNKXXXXXX";


We just need to replicate this treatment offline, take an input file of mobile numbers, perform this manipulation and output them with the above changes.

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