English Resume Correction Website

I'm building an English resume correction service for college students and young professionals in East Asia.

What I need:

I need a website that will perform 3 functions:

1. Serve as a basic information site for the company. Let customers know what we do, how we do it and who we are.

2. Handle all payments online. This can be a paypal setup, where after customers understand our service and wish to use it, they can pay online.

3. Production process (think of this as an assembly line) for doing the English resume correction, and this breaks down into 7 steps.

a. Once customer pays, he will be taken to the next page of the website, where the customer will submit all of his resume information. This will consist of a series of questions that prompt the customer to provide all of the information that goes into a resume from Eduction to Experience to Interests. (survey with boxes for responses)

(From this point forward, the site will be for employees of the company only. The employees will use the site as a production line. Whereby the employees make the proper corrections to the resumes online.)

b. The site takes the submitted information and fits it into a resume template that we will provide.

c. If the information is not in English, the site automatically translates it from the given language to English. (It may be possible to run Google Translator over the formatted resume to take care of this quickly.)

d., e. and f. The translation is displayed on the first of four "work stations" in the production process. This screen displays the resume and allows the employee to make corrections on the document, essentially editing like it's a Word document with the track changes feature. On the right side of the screen (roughly 1/4 width of total screen) there will be a vertical box which gives the employee instructions regarding what corrections to make on the resume. I will provide the employee instructions, as screens d., e., and f. will all require slightly different corrections to the resume. In this production process, as an employee makes all necessary correction on screen d., he saves and forwards the resume to screen e., the next "work station", where the next employee can make the necessary corrections to the resume. In this fashion, the resume will move down the production line, allowing employees to work on the resume as it comes to their "work station" and eventually turn out a finished, corrected English resume.

g. Last screen "work station" displays the resume for a final review and allows the employee send the finished, corrected English resume back to the customer.

What I have versus what the provider will build:

The provider needs to build the website, which includes the information/advertising aspect of the site, the payment processing aspect and the resume production line aspect of the site.

I will provide all content for the site.

Other requirements:

Searchable via Baidu and Google. English and Chinese on the site. Very simple, easy to use. The entire thing including data storage should be online. We will service 1,500 resumes/month in the beginning, but need to be able to scale up to servicing at roughly 30,000 month after 6 months.

Expertise that I am seeking:

Experience building online enterprise systems. Experience working with Start up businesses.

Timeframe for delivery:

1 month. We will need to communicate extensively to make sure all requirements are satisfied, but 1 month is the time table.

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