Contact Manager Application

Contact Manager

I need a user registration, where they will register and get an account and they will pick which plan they want. Once they have that, they will get sent an email which will activate their account. Once they have activated there account, they will be able to login at:

It will be a subscription based application, so monthly fees. There will be 2 or 3 levels of subscriptions. Also I want there to be promo codes that I can set, so I can offer free trials and the service for free.

For now I would like a free 14 day trial, and a full version of it for 25 dollars per month. I would like the option to have promo codes (which have expiry dates). So I can have a promo for 10 dollars off or 5 dollars off for the month of _ but after that month, the promo is no longer valid.

When they first login, they will be presented with a dashboard of all their latest activity. (recent added contacts, upcoming appointments and reminders, etc)

There will be a sidebar which will list the upcoming appointments and reminders.

They will be able to add contacts. They will be able to input all information for the contact and add images and notes, they must be able to delete the contact and edit the contact and archive the contact.

They must be able to make general notes, and notes on specific contacts. When they make a note it must set a reminder, so If I make a note that says “call sue at 5pm tomorrow” and set the reminder at 4:30 for July 19. I will need to be sent an email and / or sms text reminding me at the set time.

You will be able to set appointments with clients. When they are set, both parties will get emailed notifying them, as well as the ability to set a reminder for a meeting, so say I have a meeting 2 weeks from now, it will email them saying a meeting has been set, then I can set a reminder for 1 day before meeting, so 1 day before the meeting both parties will receive a reminder.

There will be an administrator section, where they can manage all of their OWN account information.

I would like an Admin section for me (the owner) where I can view all the people signed up, how long they have been signed up, track their activity. See how many hits the site is getting, see what pages are getting the most traffic, what features are being used the most. I want to be able to see how many contacts and appointments have been added.

I would also like to be able to add promo codes, and set the expiry dates, and set what the discount is.

Also when a users is logged in, they will have the ability to upgrade their account.

Evner: .NET, PHP

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